Monster in the Night

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Scream little girl, scream with terror.
Something wicked has visited itself upon you in your room this night.
You saw the hand outside your window…
Hide beneath the covers; clutch your little bear tight.
Close your eyes, it won't go away
Cry for your daddy, sob with fright.
The window is open, you heard it, yes?
The beast draws near; wish it away with all your might.

It won't go away, it won't disappear
It draws strength from your sobs…
It feasts on your fear.
Hear that breath, that happy sigh?
It's too late to flee, the end is near.
As it pulls back the covers, don't make a sound
Don't shed a tear.
Don't squirm, don't thrash, it won't help at all
Welcome the embrace, death is here…
So, inspiration strikes in the strangest of places. Sometimes, I just type a line or two out in reply to something, or about something, and it ends up inspiring me to make something else. XD This is the result of such.

Yes, I'm aware the rhyming scheme changed between the first and second parts. XD I forgot that I was rhyming every other line starting with the second, and ended up rhyming every other line starting with the first. Oh well. XD

So, uh.... I like to watch/read things, and then spam my twitter with stuff as I'm watching/reading it, my thoughts and guesses about what's happening. Started watching Supernatural recently, I remember a friend trying to get me into it way back when it first came out, lol. Anyway, season 1 episode 18, the very start of the episode, like... 2.5 minutes in, is what caused me to type the first two lines... Then I was like "I could totally make that a story, or a poem." This is the result. XD I love getting inspiration from the most random of places. XD
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Can I marry your brain?

This is absolutely gorgeous! (In a twisted kinda way ^^; )