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I am the voice inside your head,
Filling your mind with unspeakable dread.
The shadows are watching you this All Hallow's Eve,
You might want to hurry up and quietly leave.

I am the beast that darkens your dreams,
Be wary mortal, not all is as it seems.
Watch for the fog veiling your sight,
Following you in darkness all through the night.

I am the chill racing down your spine,
Gripping you suddenly without a sign.
Heed the feeling of being followed,
Lest by terror you be swallowed.

I am the breath freezing in the air,
Fogging strangely and giving you a scare.
Listen for the sound of danger creeping,
Silence the sound of your frightened weeping.

I am the terror that fills your chest,
Driving you to evade your eternal rest.
Don't stop for anything no matter what,
Obey that twisting in your gut.

I am the darkness you cannot stay,
Coming quickly to spirit you away.
Run fast as you can for end end is nigh,
There is no escape from your time to die...
I am the feeling that freezes your blood,
You'll never even hear that final thud...

Happy Halloween 2010!

Actually, inspired by something I did 2 years back for Halloween that just stuck with me. The "I am the beast that darkens your dreams/Be wary mortal, not all is as it seems" part, to be exact.

Anyway, don't have the time to do a picture this year, and couldn't think of a good idea to work with for a longer written piece. So you get a poem.

Have a good one, and if you don't celebrate it.... Well, happy day before my birthday...? Ahahaha... XD

Actually, this was harder to write than I thought it would be, had to use a rhyming dictionary to get some good words sometimes. It just didn't flow like most of what I do does...

So, uh, yeah. Glad my computer's working enough right now to allow this...

(C) Me, please dun steal, 'kay?
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Rick-da-kirb's avatar
I LOVE this! It flows so beautifully, everything just... works! And for once it's not about a depressing event in your life! :D (...At least I don't think it is. ...Is it? D:) But I love the way you rhymed it, everything is just so... AWESOME! :D

And LOL, must be weird having your birthday right after Halloween XD Did you do anything special/interesting on Halloween? They had candles. Reminded me of birthday candles, actually, I LOVE the way those smell when they're blown out :D (...Pun not intended XD)