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Happy Halloween 2009, people!

I may draw a picture later, I may not, but I was on the computer, staring into space, and the dim lighting in the kitchen just put these images in my head.

I promise, it was better in my mind than when I wrote it.

I grabbed my notebook and wrote it by handin the kitchen, where the inspiration was strongest.

Not something you usually see from me, not my typical style, is it?

I had fun with this, really. I have a few other things I should be working on, but I wasn't about to let this slide once the inspiration kicked in.

I'd originally had a different ending, but I didn't like that, so I cut it out. I'm actually still iffy on this one--I wasn't sure if I should cut it out after the 'It's over now' line or not. I decided not to cut it after that one, put those last few in there.
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LycreaMoon's avatar
Lovely and well written, kage~

lol got to this from your post on dragcave forums. xD