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Rheinhardt's Revenge

The single most important thing I have learned from watching horror movies is that SCIENCE WILL DOOM US ALL!!!!

Science is pushing all the borders in too many directions. From Genetic engineering and gene recombination, to cloning, to designer animals and pets, to breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, drones, thought controlled machines, mapping the human genome, mapping the human thought process, man made black holes, the list goes on and on. Somehow, when all is said and done, science will go too far, and this will all end up coming out very badly for mankind in the end.

Inspired by far too numerous sources to mention them all. The shortlist: Splice, Species, Jurassic Park, Frankenstein (any of them), the Fly, Terminator, Lawnmower Man, Godzilla, Them!, Peter Benchley's Creature, Dreamscape, Leviathon, the Island of Doctor Moreau, and so many more.

I wanted to do so much more with this, but just ran out of time. I have about 30 or so hours into it (I didn't really keep track). Used this chance to dig through my archives and runtimes and make use of rarely used items and old gems long forgotten. The master scientist is a tribute to one of my favorite mad scientists from cinema, though not exact, i feel I captured much of his essence. Compiled in segments in Poser Pro, rendered in Poser 2012, minor touch ups in Photoshop (mostly gamma and contrast).

This was going to be my entry into Renderosity's Halloween Contest, sadly, computer troubles and setbacks restricted my work on it, and though it was in render, it finished 40 minutes too late to make the deadline. So I went and rendered an even larger version to throw in my main galleries. Still, would have been nice to have a shot at those software prizes. The larger image will be in my RDNA and Deviantart galleries.

Among the products used: Psiberion, Psiberia, RDNA Goth Lights (freebie), The Ministry, Holding Tank, DJ's Ghost, M3, D3, Labcoat (Poserworld), Memory Storage Unit, Crepy Morgue, Amiga 500, Microscope, DDS Alien, SA Shrieker, Specimen 49, Insect-I-Vore, Lorehand Canes, Midnight Stories Experiment, Headless Cyborg (freebie), Skorpio Rising
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Wonderful scene! :)
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You've been watching too many bad science fiction movies.
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Yup.  I love bad sci-fi/horror =D