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Kodiak Class APE - Buldog Variant

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Kodiak class A.P.E. equipped with a Buldog Super-Heavy Gatling Cannon standing with pilot.

My latest Davorama kitbash. Still playing with making all the add-ons and loadouts for the K Class Dreadnoughts. All Weapons pods and systems will have left and right mirrors when I am done. Then I will move on to making the needed Space Superiority Destroids (Mobile Suites). Those will be much bigger, but with a more human basic shape.  Now that I have rendered it with pilot I see a few more details I need to add, such as some hand rails for access, and maybe some lift hooks and tow bars for transport and recovery.  I am seriously considering making this pre-build available for sale with all it's modules and a PDF guide when I have finished - over at CGbytes.
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