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Dawn of the Future

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"This is Lieutenant Junior Grade third class Gwendolyn Dawn, Earth Explorer Corps. sciences division.  This recording marks Day One of planetary survey expedition.  48 hours ago the Majestic had detected unusual topology and geography on the surface of the fifth planet of Lioness VII.  According to protocol Section Twelve, subsection G I was awakened from Cryo-sleep to organize and conduct preliminary on-site survey and evaluations.  I have activated a Forward Intelligence Defense and Operations mecha to assist me on the ground.  I did not see the need to awaken additional assets until readings were visually verified. 
"Core Control reported a primarily Oxy-Nitro atmosphere, with some trace gasses and contaminants, within breathable and acceptable tolerances for human life.  Extensive biological matter detected in the lower orders of life such as plants, and possible mid level complex life forms that might resemble birds, reptiles, or insects was detected and presence confirmed.
"At fourteen hundred hours, September 23rd of 2078 I landed approximately 32 kilometers from anomalous geographical structures detected by the Majestic's Core Control.  I can confirm presence of plant like biological life, though with marked differences from that known and seen in the hydroponics modules...most notably the color.  At this time no animal or insect life has yet been confirmed.  I can see the structures detected by core control from here and can confirm they are man ma... err... of Intelligent design and not naturally occurring.  While I am excited by this discovery, I am also unnerved a bit by the overall shape and appearance of the structures, and the features on them that almost appear to be eyes that are watching me.  I have activated the F.I.D.O. and deployed several recon drones for samples and images, and am setting up base camp.  I have sent instructions to core control requesting additional assets, but Core Control is not yet convinced the need is present and does not wish to allocate the use of additional food, water, and oxygen for additional crew until more evidence is handy.  I have unloaded a chariot, and charged a pulse pistol, and tomorrow will travel to the structures to get first hand images and data for Core Control."

Rendered in Poser 2014 Pro using Dawn SE from Hivewire3D and a number of converted and custom assets.
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Very good, i've that dog robot too, but never used.