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Bigfoot vs space!!!

TITLE: Bigfoot vs Wherewolf... In Space!
SERIES: Savage Universe
YEAR: 2012
"Savage Universe - Adventures in the Lost Teritories" starts out with a bang. "Space is vast and dark, and goes on and on, forever. There's like - alien worlds - undiscovered technology - and unimaginable threats and horrors. ...We(Captain Savage & his ship, the Hogan) are all that stands between humanity and slavery, or total anihiliation. That's why we will hunt down these alien slime, and snap into them! OH YEAH!" Trapped aboad the Marrianne Celestral, Jake, Jesse, and Rufus must overtake the Consortium forces or become prisoners of the alien nations forever. With the situation going to the dogs, Rufus releases much pent up anger and frustration in a brawl for all time.

CREDITS: ARTCollaborations, Sixus1, Nightworld, Mariah, Luthabel, Image Nation, Winston1984, Uzilite, Semiedieu, Poseworks, DZFire, Coflek-gnorg, KageRyu, Stonemason, GhostofMcbeth, Antfarm, Discobob
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Lots of action!! :D Nice.
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Really really cool.