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In the end, no one will even miss me.
I had briefly taken this journal down in the hopes that me and the "friend" it involved could at least resolve some of the issues and end our friendship in a positive way. I have decided I do not like terms being dictated to me when I am the victim, and she is being completely unreasonable and unapologetic. She is a completely self-centered, self-righteous, despicable human being who does not care how many problems she caused for a friend or how much she deeply hurt someone already suffering a deep loss.

On December 7th My father passed away, leaving me with a world of financial and legal issues to address. He has been very ill for the past 2 years, but was unwilling to take steps on many matters to prepare. He lived in another state and my vehicle could not make the trip. A woman I had thought to be a friend had offered, multiple times, to go with me, take her vehicle, and be there for me emotionally and help me try to get some of my father's estate in order. Her brother and her were my last local friends, and her brother is one of my Best friends. So I accepted the offer - especially as until I got to town my father's remains would be unclaimed and no funeral arrangements could be made. After leaving 8 and a half hours late due to delays on her part, we drove through the night (12 hours in some whiteout conditions...about 4 hours worth) with me doing the majority of the driving. When we arrived it was 7:30am, and shortly after entering my father's house she completely went schizophrenic. My father was a smoker, and it was a smoking house, my father was also a hoarder, and had let many rooms go uncleaned for many years - all of this she was made aware of before we left by myself and her brother who has been there before. She herself lives in a house with hoarders that is cluttered, unkempt, and with spoiled food in many rooms... so I at least expected some understanding and compassion... NO.
She launched into a 3+ hour verbal assault that was insulting and abusive insisting how she couldn't stay in the house, how dirty it was, went off on how toxic a person I am and how I intimidate and scare her and trigger her anxiety, attacked the fact I am low income and disabled - when she herself is no-income living off her parents. Just completely went off the deep end. I tried to offer to put her up in an inn or local hotel, and that wasn't good enough. I asked her to let me get a couple hours sleep and secure my fathers remains then I'd hire cleaners for one of the rooms, still not good enough. I offered to find her local accommodations, not good enough - she just kept berating and insulting me, my deceased father, my father's house, my low was all I could do not to scream at her and yell at her because I already suffer PTSD, Clinical Depression, and Severe Anxiety and I was there to Bury my father FFS! When it was clear she was going to abandon me without transportation I began taking steps to try to get my father's station wagon running, which hadn't moved in over 8 months and I already knew had a dead battery. She then got furious with me for not sitting down and letting her insult me and berate me - stating how I was a horrible person for not showing understanding for her anxiety...really? She agreed to at least take me to get jumper cables to try to start the wagon and get it to the garage on it's own power - then turned the car ride into just continued verbal abuse and began rearranging and fabricating facts to try to blame me for her abandoning me as she was about to, claiming I withheld facts, and didn't offer alternatives. I couldn't take anymore and left the vehicle when we were stopped at a red light. I haven't seen her since, but she did send a text I found offensive later that evening - apologizing for the timing of her ending our friendship!
Instead of securing remains and making funeral arrangements that day, or sleeping I spent all day getting a car towed, and waiting for it to be repaired - which cost extra for rush service so I would have it the next day. When I returned home and tried to respond to her text she had already blocked my phone number, deleted and blocked me on Facebook, and blocked my email. I have since heard directly she has exaggerated the state of my fathers house to her family, including her brother trying to compare it to the house from silent hill, with cracked and peeling paint, mounds of debris, live animals and insects, etc... I do not know the specifics but know she has lied to her family about what transpired and is claiming I took some action or did some thing she found outrageous and refused to tolerate. She has made hateful and vulgar posts about me on social media, fabricated facts, and lied to multiple people - she is directing such hostility and venom toward me that I absolutely do not deserve! I was nothing but a good friend to her - I am the one who was wronged, insulted, verbally abused, left 500 miles from home without transportation, and caused to incur significant financial expenses I can not afford.
In the wake of my father's death I could use all the friends I can get - instead one I was counting on left me holding the bag and is going out of her way to add to my grief and loss.
She is a complete and total hypocrite, Social Justice Warrior, that screams offense at everything and everyone and does not care how her words or actions actually offend or cause real harm to people. She will lie, fabricate, and distort reality to suit her narrative and keep herself in the role of victim even while being the instigator standing on the rock spewing hate into the world. I so hate people like this.  She further got mad at me for seeking third party mitigation against her to offset the expenses she caused me - and denied any and all responsibility.  She also further went out of her way through December, January, and February to create as much drama over events as possible, causing serious issue with another friend of mine - and vilifying me to her family claiming to be afraid of me even though I did nothing to her!  When I filed for mitigation through the courts she went as far as to threaten harassment charges if I pursued it - that's not how harassment works!  She is now pissed at me for not treating her like a friend when she left me no choice but to go through the courts.  A completely unreasonable and delusional human being.  It is clear to me now we can never be friends again, or even civil again as things stand - unless she were to have a complete reversal of her selfish outlook.  Part of me still sometimes hopes she will realize the harm she has done and try to make things right - but this would require her to own what she did and seek me out to offer and apology - even then I don't know to what ends.  Sometimes I miss the friendship I thought we had and it still hurts - but given all of this the rest of me doubts we were ever really friends at all.  Rather than simply apologize when it all started and help me offset costs she caused me, she threw away a multi-year friendship and vilified me.

This is exactly why I have become as bitter and jaded as I am, and make little effort to find friends anymore. This is the caliber of so many of the people I have run into in Mahoning County. Fake, fair-weather Friends, looking for a leg-up on you when they can hurt you and cause the most harm.  I am tired of being hurt by people I come to care about who obviously do not care about me.  As things stand now (in May with this re-edit) the financial side of it is settled - but it was never about the money.

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Departing Track 9
"It was almost as if, under those strange beams, the smoke and fog seemed to coalesce into a form not quite human.  The head was bulbous, with large, glassy eyes and no nose.  The limbs were drawn and thin, and overall it was emaciated.  The fingers were lacking, and those it did have were more like some insects over-lengthened legs.  The silvery-grey skin caught the green color of the beams and the red flashing of the railroad sign behind it.  It extended it's left arm toward me as if gesturing for me to come with it."

Had this idea since I first got Poser 2012 somewhere in early 2013.  I could never quite get it to look the way I envisioned it, and it kept getting put back into my WIPs.  Now that I am on a somewhat faster and more powerful computer I figured I'd revisit it.  It is still not quite what I want, but it has come a long way.  Based on my image :thumb1879008:
Republic Frigate
    5 Twin Mounted, 88mm Mass Drivers.
    9 Turrets of Twin 145 mm (Approx. 6 Inch) Stabilized Cannons
    Unknown Capital Ship to Ship Thermonuclear Missiles
    10 Snub Fighters in Dorsal Bays.
    48 Combat A.P.U.s
    Up to 300 Crew and Passengers(198 officers and gunnery personnel operating in 3 shifts), or 475 on later models of the ship..
    The Nebulon Drive Yards Republic class frigate is really more of an Upgunned Star Liner than proper capital ship. The Crew and Passenger compartments are really more akin to plush state rooms, with the interior halls having more the feel of a cruise ship than a military vessel.  The hallways are many of the earlier production runs of these vessels are often well carpeted and paneled with ambient mood lighting to give a relaxing setting - sometimes even with wall mounted plant holders and fish tanks.  They were the hallmark of corporate luxury as well as the sign of corporate private military might.  On the more prominent upper decks, each stateroom had it's own shower and lavatory facilities, and some even had there own kitchenette.  Each upper deck had a small, dedicated kitchen for room service and private meals, with a grand master dining room on the primary deck.  A few of the Suites on the executive deck went so far as to have hot tubs.  The recreational deck sported a fully equipped gymnasium, pool, weight room, several small cinemas, and other entertainment venues that often varied from ship to ship and were often rented space to various merchant or shopping consortiums. There were, of course, lower, less plushly accommodated decks for crew, hired hands, and staff, with rooms laid out like dormitory blocks with Crew are assigned two in a state room, in bunked billets, with a number of rooms in each block sharing a public restroom and showers.  Each block has it's own small kitchenette for the preparation of small meals and snacks, with a larger cafeteria on each deck to serve the entire deck.  The Republic class also maintained Flight Decks and hanger capabilities for it's own assigned group of Snub Fighters, as well as Shuttlecraft, Launches, and Combat A.P.U.s close quarters, ship to ship combat and boarding operations, as well as maintenance and cargo A.P.U.s. Typically the Republic hosts 2 shuttles and 6 ten man launches, as well as 10 snub fighters.  The Hanger and flight decks are often the most cramped part of the vessel, but are serviceable.

    The Republic Frigate formed the backbone of the Corporate fleets, before and during the corporate insurrections.  Even the largest of corporations rarely had more than a handful of capital ships of cruiser class or above, and only a handful of true destroyers and full military vessels.  The Republic was meant to be the symbol of corporate power and wealth, when an executive presence was needed, and they often commanded flotillas of gunships, corvettes, and escort carriers when larger engagements occurred. They were an imposing sight, almost as large as Heavy Cruisers in terms of size, but were comparatively lightly armed and armored - meant more to make a statement against raiders and pirates than a true military opponent.  Their 6 inch massdrivers were a significant threat to up-armed civilian and commercial ships often used by pirates, scavengers, and junkers, but were of only limited use against armored cruisers and capital ships.  One of the most unique features of the Republic class are it's dorsal and ventral fins.  The foreward fin houses a powerful sensory and electronics bay for extended range and hyper-pulse communication and detection, making the Republic an ideal command and control vehicle for battlegroups, while the ventral and dorsal rear fins house a vast array of heat exchangers and auxiliary reactors to bolster power.  This results in the bulk of the Republic's heat signature being in the fins, and often is a perfect secondary defense for thermal targeting arrays resulting in drawing fire from the central crew and control portions of the vessel.  It is not entirely clear if this was an intentional design element or the result of coincidence.
    After the outbreak of the corporate insurrections, losses to the corporate fleets were heavy as a result of their lighter armor, and the numerical advantage was quickly lost.  The corporations needed to press ships into service at a much more rapid and cost effective pace.  Second and third generation Republic class frigates often had a lot of corners cut to meet deadlines, and started to resemble proper warships inside - losing the plushly carpeted and decorated hallways and living suites, and often times not even having completely paneled over walls or conduits.  As a result, this makes the few surviving first generation Republics a historic find, though often those that survive bear the stains and scars of battle on their once plush interiors.
    The Republic series was produced in far to vast numbers to adequately track or report all of it's variants or offspring. Not only di it serve as the backbone of numerous corporate fleets before and during the corporate insurrections, many were sold at significant markup to planetary militias, independent nations, and freelancers.  Productions of the Republic and knock offs of the design have continued even to date.  These ships have become a common sight in the black.

CREDITS: Davorama (a.k.a Davo, Beyondbent, Powerfusion3D, PoserFusion3D), All the great Kitbashers who have posted images of assemblies with Davo's sets that inspired me.
Andromeda III Flag Battleship
I need to make some changes, mostly to the engine block.


Mark A. Fares
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Seems my eyes are going bad. Been having some trouble for a while now. Hands have been getting worse too (to the point working on the computer even is becoming problematic).  So, not sure how much more art I will be producing. Days are definitely numbered.
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