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Deepfake Dump #8 (Link in Description)

By kagekira101
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The Link:

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd Its here. Man, this was a pain to create due to the filter. I had so many other gifs that I wanted to use, but of course it wasn't that easy. But on the bright side, these gifs are now 1000px long, well some are, so that you can get that crispy quality. lol.

Anyways let's get into what the dump has this time:

Billie Elish (TMC Blueberry)
Margot Robbie (TMC Blueberry)
Scarlett Johansson (TMC Blueberry)
Belle Delphine (Lovely Lilith Bedroom)
Scarlett Johansson (TMC Breast expansion)
Heyimbee (Lovely Lilith) *It's the main image for the post*
Belle Delphine (Lovely Lilith)
Elizabeth Olsen (Lovely Lilith)
Pokimane (Lovely Lilith)
Belle Delphine (TMC Breast expansion / Lactation)
Ariana Grande (TMC Blueberry Colour change)
Pokimane (Ass expansion)
Kat Dennings (Violet 05)
Dove Cameron (Violet 05)

I know it isn't as big as the last one. Mainly because of another big problem. I used up all of my Stash. Yeah, the whole thing. So I may need to go through and delete some stuff out of my stash to free up space for more deepfakes.
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© 2021 kagekira101
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I need more heyimbee!

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I have to say thst milky Belle is amazing!

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Thank you! Glad you like it. c:

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You did the pokimane one I suggested!! Yesss thank you. What software do you use to make these?
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Could you do a dump of all of the gifs you use unedited

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I might. Although I may need to use another website to get more storage, since i used up my whole stash. lol

RachelBeauregarde's avatar

That would be great if you could, id love to use some of those gifs in my own deepfakes

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i Asked this before but how do you get that crisp quality. When I do it it starts out crisp and then it goes blurry

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Its a longer process. I take a video and take a part that is less than 15 secs long. Use an online video to gif converter. Put it into Reface. Make the Deepfake. (Reface tends to lower the quality by a bit). Save it as a VIDEO and then covert that back to a gif. And Tah Dah! Its high quality. c:

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