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by Mr5star

While I'm not sure my critique would hold much value, especially since I absolutely love the way you draw Pearl, I will say this partic...

The only critique I can spot, is the angle used, at least in so far as the subjects of the art itself. While the characters Inu and Sil...

Having watched both of the most recent HOBBIT movies, the lore of Lord of the Rings has pulled be back, and one thing that I have come ...


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Been a long time since I typed anything on this site--even longer since I posted anything resembling art, but my passion for it kinda dried up. More or less waiting to get some creative juices flowing again.

I'm not typing anything important (rather, nothing new, ground-breaking, or unknown), but it feels important to get it off my chest. So, here's what's on my mind.

Our country's a mess. I'm 25 years old, and I've KNOWN that no country is perfect --certainly not the USA, still striving to improve its many small and big issues among its diverse peoples. I've known that no country CAN be perfect; just as best as it can be with what you got.

America was beautiful. The idea of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, our liberties that we sometimes take for granted, even sometimes forget, of true freedom and security and representation within our country to influence who should and should not run as our country's representative, a justice system with concrete laws that broadened across almost every form of potential crime and punishment necessary to sustain a just society.....

Yeah, America WAS beautiful. The Idea of it IS beautiful.

But its people that run it....that cheat us, that run roughshod over our rights as citizens and human beings, where laws are treated as if they're subject to the whimsey of whichever officer or judge or mayor or even President to uphold or disregard as they see fit, where are own votes are pissed on and elections are cobbled together by anyone with the bigger wallet gets the title....

And now we're at the brink; teetering at the edge of what might become an imminent civil war on our home country.

CIA is probably reading this even as I type. Our phone companies are selling the manuals to steadily-corrupted police offices that watch and hear our every word, track our every move, people being arrested and abused by the very men and woman who swore an oath to uphold the law and protect our civil rights and liberties while providing security. Instead, the police have become the object of fear once again, and our country is steadily settling back into a Cold War with an oppressive government that's run by a man who isn't even eligible to BE a president. A man who does nothing but lie and offer empty promises while secretly aiming to see the bulk of America either under his boot or buried in shallow graves.

I honestly don't know if ANYone is going to read this. Hell, I doubt it even matters in the long run. I'm just one guy, with one voice. But if you do read this, and you take it to heart, and you learn anything from it, then good. If you already know about everything mentioned above, that's great.

Awareness helps. Keep an open mind. Watch for the signs and make your own choices.

Calling it a night. Pleasant dreams, y'all."


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