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HUNTERS GUILD: Azure Serenity
Date Joined: 3rd of July, 2014
Current Funds: 1 St

Merits: 1


Tasks and Errands
June Tasks
June Tasks (continued)
June Tasks, general: Chantelle's Fashion Show

Sub-stats Meme

Ari (Pokesona)
Species: Eevee
Nature: Timid
-Characteristic: Somewhat Stubborn
Gender:     Female                Age: 14-ish
Ability:    Adaptability

Strength:   2                Agility: 2
Intelligence:   4            Charisma: 2 (Normal Bonus)

Total Points Left: 2/10
Type Bonus: Normal -> +2 Charisma

Swift - I can create stars, with either one large star which I ride, or tiny ones which I can throw at the opponent. They never miss, and always home in on their target. The move gets its name from the fact that the stars are somewhat translucent and move fast, making it look almost as if the enemy's being hit out of thin air. Kinda useful, I suppose... I like this move.

Shadow Ball - I collect all of the negative energy and shadows in the area, and compress it into a small space before releasing it. This move usually works kinda well for me because I'm upset all the time, and I kinda like dark places... It also gets rid of stress too... I practice this move a lot when no one's around.

Natural Gift - When I have a berry or two on hand, I throw them or do something of the like, releasing their energy... When I have no berries, I can gather up my own energy, but it can tire me out...

Bite - I don't really like to play dirty so I prefer not to use this move... but when someone pisses me off, they get the fangs, and they get 'em hard. In short... don't screw with me, ok?


-Rookie Hunter Voucher
----Description: “A voucher for one free standard hunter's accessory: Template Hood, Template Scarf, Template Shawl, or Template Armband.”

----Description: This slot is empty!

----Description: This slot is empty!

========== WRITTEN TEST ==========

Above you stands one of the few restaurants around Andalusst that could be considered ritzy, Café Obscurité. The name is often looked upon as ironic, due to the establishment's success and popularity. Many can't afford to dine here, but it is where the Hunters have invited you to speak with a Guild representative. Hopefully they don't expect you to pay, you think, as you enter the door hurriedly.
The moment you step foot inside, the Pokémon at the front desk approaches you and shows you to a table. It's located in one of the darker corners of the already-dim establishment, and it's already attended by a sly, smiling Furret with a blue newsboy cap. The Hunters representative, you realize, though he hardly seems like a good fit for the present surroundings. You look at the Furret for a second in the dim light, not sure how to react.
"Hey, pull up a seat. Order your favorites; this one's on the Guild's checkbook," he greets with a quick wave. With an anxious attitude, you pull up your chair, hoping for the best. At the very least, the bill's covered, you suppose.
Shortly after you're situated, an Empoleon waiter arrives at your table and passes a fancy-looking menu to both you and the Furret. A number of higher-class dishes are represented on it, along with equally high-class prices. "The usual," the Normal-type comments with disregard, gently pushing the menu back against the Empoleon's chest. The waiter merely rolls his eyes and turns his attention to you, waiting expectantly for your order. Never having enough money to attend dinner at fancy establishments like this one, you choose your meal wisely, and in the end go for something fancy and exotic.
Once he has everyone's orders, the waiter shoots one last annoyed glance at the strange fellow, who appears unfazed, before walking off. "No sense of humor," the Furret remarks with a shrug, before lazily slumping back in his seat. His gaze doesn't settle on anyone in particular, as though he's simply staring off somewhere. For some reason this puts you at ease, and you relax in your seat slightly.
"The name's Cuffin, but I'm sure you've already heard of me. No need for introductions on your part, I already know who ya are," Cuffin says with another sly smirk, tapping his paws together. "So... I work for this kid, Sundance. He made me promise to ask ya a few things before I go off on my own thing. He'll get his feathers in a bunch if I don't, so humor me. First things first: why do you wanna join the Hunters?" The last question is accompanied by a roll of the eyes and a dramatic recitation, as if driving home the fact that he's being forced to ask this. You agree with him somewhat, although you don't have an answer as much as a reason for joining. You take a deep breath and then let it all out, before answering the ever-impatient Pokemon.
"I suppose I have the right skills for it," you mutter, before realizing how quiet your voice is, and speaking louder. "I didn't have much of a choice, but I suppose a bit of spice in life is what I need, too..."
At the very least, Cuffin looks interested as he listens. Perhaps it isn't the question itself he's so annoyed about. "All right. Respectable, yeah. Down the list..." The scruffy Furret reaches for a parchment already settled upon the table. Rather than hold it up to read, he crumples it in his paws rather rudely, then promptly tosses it over his shoulder. "What can you bring to the Hunters? What skills or talents can you utilize for us?" Once again, his recitation of the question is somewhat mocking. You take a deep breath and sigh again, a force of habit more than anything else.
"Not many people notice me, so I guess that can help... I also have pretty good hearing..." You let out a stifled laugh, knowing that the Furret is probably annoyed. He taps his paw on the table, before moving on.
"Yeah, yeah, I gotcha. I guess we'll get to see some of that soon enough. Don't get me wrong; your answer don't mean you're gonna be taken or thrown out. This is basically... formalities..." Cuffin pauses, tilting his head upward thoughtfully. "...Yeah, formalities. I think that's the word he used. Whatever that means."
You nod your head, repeating the word as if to assure yourself it's fine. "Formalities... I see."
A grin comes over the Furret's fuzzy face as he readies himself for his next question, lowering the register of his voice. "This one's more interestin', to the little guy's credit. Are you against doin' things that the Royal Guard ain't gonna like if they catch ya doin' em?" This question intrigues you a bit, and you ponder about it for a second, before coming up with a truthful response.
"I suppose breaking rules now and then's fine with me... but it depends what ones."
The Normal-type's pointed ears twitch at the reply. "It ain't me, just sayin'. I know well enough that if yer here, then you an' I are prolly already aware of the answer to that question. I just needed somethin' to tell the kid." With a sigh of relief, Cuffin tosses his hands in the air, then at the sides of the chair dramatically. "Whew. All right, enough of that stuff. The kid is on the right track, but sometimes it seems like the royals crammed a stick really far up there, if ya know what I mean. All these "formalities" and junk... anyway, the rest is straight from me."
He looks left, then right... but given the way his bright eyes are never quite focusing on your team, this seems to be one of those "formalities" of his own. He then begins to explain in an oddly sincere fashion, "You already know the basic stuff, so I'm gonna level with ya. Truth is, the Hunters are all about knowin' things about everybody else. Yer gonna learn secrets that nobody else will know. It'll change the way you look at this whole city, and yer prolly not gonna like what you see, but you'll always know exactly what's goin' on under the coat of sugar. I wouldn't blame ya if you'd rather go hang with a Guild that doesn't deal in the worst of what Andalusst can offer."
"I didn't really have much of a choice... but I suppose knowing what's going on is better than not knowing it." You sigh again, more heavily than before. You aren't really into all of this gossip stuff, but looking at it from another perspective, you supposed that it was similar to what a ninja or the like would do.
Cuffin's non-serious demeanor returns with a smirk at your response. "Is that so? Well... to be honest, I would've blamed ya, actually," he jokes with a lightly teasing tone. "Who doesn't wanna know everything about everybody? Life is all about keepin' yer options as open as possible 'til the right moment."
"Yeah, I agree... the more options you have, the better it is," you reply, a small smile coming to your face at the thought.
Just then, the waiter comes into earshot, flippers laden with everyone's orders. As he hesitates with the platter containing Cuffin's meal, one can't help but wonder if he's contemplating on spitting in it. The Furret doesn't appear to be looking at him anyway... and you begin to suspect that he couldn't even if he wanted to. The silver platters are placed on the table with mild clatter, but Cuffin faces your team again before paying them any mind. You start to reach for cutlery, but draw back your paws.
"Before we eat..." he interrupts, reaching down and palming the nearest glass. He holds it up and forward across the table. "Let's toast, to the new recruits," Cuffin proposes, though he leans in and adds with a whisper, "...That's you, just so ya know."

:bulletblue:You may use this team as a cameo at any stage, but I ask that you stick to their character in speaking roles.:bulletblue:

Drawn Application:

8th July: Updated with June Tasks + Sub-stat meme, and put in move descriptions.
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