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from the title you already know whats going on
my youtube channel with all my utau covers and stuff is gone. it got suspended cause apparently i was spamming comments. i can log into youtube from any of my other accounts on my laptop, only on my phone. so if they don't suspend me i'm probably gonna quit utau. i dont like soundcloud. i enjoyed making videos in aviutl and stuff so if they wanna treat me like this then whatever. 
their email to me: 


Thank you for your account suspension appeal. We have decided to keep your account suspended based on our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. Please visit… for more information.

Please do not respond to this email. Replies to this email will not be processed. Please refer to our Help Center for more information.

The YouTube Team
apparently you cant submit a second appeal but i did anyways. honestly i feel like they dont read appeals and just mass ban everyone. im probably not the only one this is happening to. idk what to do to get my channel back at this point so uh if anyone has an idea do tell

idk what to do
i wanna have cover in utau but it may be too late plus idc that much
if anyones wondering im 17 now~~ woowwwooowowowowowowoooo o 
ya girl got some money and i want nice and new mmd models for my babies (proxima and warui) (no offense lol) 
so if youre doing  them or know someone please tell me! ive only made one commission before...just felt like i should put that out there lol
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hey everyone~ Atakaia and I are holding an UTAU medley for the summer!
the medley we will be doing is: My Favorite Vocaloid Song Medley
we already have some spots filled free to submit your UTAU in our medley cover~ <:
this is our first medley so positive vibes only

choose an utau that fits the song (atakaia)
can choose any utau, doesn't have to be your own
you can render your own part if wanted
*if render, do NOT add effects/mix
must have a design (kagamipagami)

Name: [if japanese name, feel free to put kanji name]
Owner: [owner of the UTAU]
Design: [link to a full body and transparent]
Type: [what type of voicebank: VCV/CVVC]
Voicebank sample: [sample of the UTAU]
Voicebank download: [download link to the UTAU's VB]
Part: [number and song title]


      1. Yuuhi Saka –No One
      2. Servant of Evil - リズムテイオン / Rita Leader
      3. Unhappy Refrain - Nozomi Kitsune / bunnipuffs
      4. World’s End Dancehall - Katsumi Hibiku / Katsumi-Hibiku 
      5. Iroha Uta - シェリーチェリー  / JerezDemet 
      6. FREELY TOMORROW - Ellie Lowell / AimoAimo     
      7. Mr. Music - Kuma Hoshino / Fennirs     
      8. My Time – 相田緑 (Midori Aida) kagamipagami    
      9. Monochro ∞ Blue Sky - Lisa Shirone / SxLizzy 
      10. Torinoko City - B @ LL Powerine / Veloid     
      11. No Logic -  KITSA / Nana Youko
      12. Heartbreak Summit –佐村ト (Tomi Samura)/ kyaami
      13. One of Repetition - Yuki Usagi / Lillian Gray     
      14. Heart Rate 0822 反照リ (Rin Hanshou)Atakaia    
      15. Yowamushi Mont Blanc - Daichi Kurokage / SxLizzy
      16. Meltdown -ROVA / Aafje     
      17. Ten-Faced –ぽい (Matsudappoiyo)/ 松田まっつ
      18. Two Breaths Walking- 鴉鐘あん( Anzu Akane)/ nillane    
      19. Saihate –ウタ (Uta Utane/Defoko)  / Ayame/Ameya
      20. Nostalogic - SoNo SombraShadow 
      21. Double Lariat - Bew Powerine / Veloid     
      22. Chain Girl – 相田プロクシマ (Proxima Aida)kagamipagami 
      23. Matryoshka - 笹川トシオ (Sasagawa Toshio) / Toshio【年男】   
      24. Life Reset Button - REA / JiLL29     
      25. SING&SMILE – 暗鳴ニュ-lemon- (Nyui Anna)/ aoka45     
      26. Hayabusa - ほし あめ (Hoshi Ame) / Pleiadhalo     
      27. Tokyo Teddy Bear -  赤双子音楽 (Aka Futagongaku)/ MrMokona14     
      28. I’m Your Diva - 火薬ラティマー (Kayaku Ratimaru) / Lasaillax     
      29. Sayonara no Kawari ni, Hanataba wo - Yume Yuuki / Tori-chan     
      30. Puzzle - メロディの音楽 / Rita Leader     
      31. Shiroi Yuki no Princess wa - Yumi Ai / AkimiyaAi     
      32. BlackRock Shooter - 炎音巻子/ delphic(UTAUMakiko)     
      33. R-18 –春歌ナ (Nana Haruka)/ Nanahira
      34. Hajimete no Koi ga Owaru Toki - Bethany Cole / bethanyr00     
      35. StargazeR - Malisa / Mitosuki-Chan
      36. Kagerou Days - Katsumi Rai / Katsumi-Hibiku    
      37. DancingSamurai - Maruyama Ryoji / Ferina-san     
      38. Deepsea Girl –心音カ (Kara Kokone) SunGuardian524    
      39. Ura-omote Lovers - Fokkusu Keki / Kiita-kun     
      40. Cendrillon - Kogoe Yume / Fennirs
      41. Parameter - MeGami LILITH / Cyberkyo     
      42. Endless Score - Utashi Nara / Ferina-san     
      43. Paradichlorobenzene –歌幡メイ-Fairy- (Meiji Gahata) /サキ     
      44. Electric Angel - YUMINEKISA / Neyumi
      45. Senbonzakura - 春香失敗 (Haruka Shippai)/ Lasaillax     
      46. Melancholic - Rayna Kimball / mbarnesMMD     
      47. Happy Synthesizer - Cipe Laitselec / MacStar L     
      48. HAKUMEI - 貴咲玲奈 / YunoR     
      49. Mozaik Role –重音テ(Teto Kasane)/ twindrill
      50. Soar –塩音 (Shione LT)/ EunbunP
      51. Flowers for you, Songs for me -暗鳴 ミエ-soft- (Miel Anna)/ aoka45     
      52. A Born Coward - 県失敗 (Ken Shippai) / Lasaillax     
      53. Melt - Toki Imo / Tori-chan     
      54. FireFlower - Kutsushita Panka / Tori-chan     
      55. Bokura no 16bit Sensou – 相田悪い (Warui Aida)kagamipagami    
      56. Wanderlast - YUII /  Parapa & AnyColor – brady
      57. The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku -DEAD END- -松田っぽい (matsudappoine) /松田まっつ
      58. Romeo and Cinderella - Kuurune Ella / Ella Megurine     
      59. Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru - 骸アイカ  (Mukuro Aika)/ JesusZepeda (Perilius)     
      60. Miki Miki  Romantic Night –梨音マツト(Matsuto Perune) / jazzpear94     
      61. Luka Luka  Night Fever - 人魚青 (Ningyo Ao)/ delphic(UTAUMakiko)     
      62. World is Mine - Galatea Laitselec / Charlie B.     
      63. Kamikyoku - の音ヴィオレット (Violet No Oto)/ Akira     
      64. Monochroact - イリスの萎れ-SKY- (Iris No Shiore/ pilha-chan     
      65. Wanderlast - 優月 明美 (Kiti Nemikine)/ Kikei-Y (KituKitu1000)     
      66. Hello, Planet-コウッディ初音 (Coddie Hatsune)/ エムジアタラ     
      67. Hajimete no Oto - Mac音パパ and Mac音ココ[]


hope to see lots of great utaus! <: 
Edit: ALSO! The deadline is at the end of June!! If we don't get it all full, we'll just add other UTAUs, so hurry and make sure you get the song you want!! <;
EDIT 2: thank you everyone who has entered your utau(s) in our medley!! we beat our deadline in just 5 days!!! we noticed a few utau(s) didn't get in soooo, we'll make individuals covers using them so no one is left out!! thanks again and have a great summer!
Currently: done ;-;

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Yeee instead of being salty and being like "oohhh im single valentines day is dumbbb xdd" im gonna wish everyone a happy daay even though im kind of late~
so yeahhh hope everyone has lots of love!! <33 

I made ievan polkka covers with my UTAU UU U HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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I didnt have a bad 2015, but i hope 2016 will be exciting and interesting!
woooo 2016 growing so much <3 aaaaa
just..have a good year everyone!! try not to get into any trouble <;
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yeah so i decided to make some resolutions for the new year cause why now i guess o-o 
my first new years resolutons on here. oooo, maybe this journal will help me keep up with them.

  • do way better in school than im already doing (srsly, i suck and have c and b's..and one f)
  • learn how use aviutl (japanese video editing thing, rlly cool)
  • make my own mmd model
  • just get into 3d modeling period
  • someone or myself to get a mmd model of my utau Proxima.
  • At least nominate Proxima or Warui (utau) for Project Synth
  • Improve my drawing skills and get use to my tablet (so sensitive ;o;)
  • get over 15+ kuroko no basuke things (figures, shirts, etc) I LOVE KNB OKAY-
  • Record Proxima soft append and Warui English
  • not to get so attached to ppl (cri)
  • get Warui and Proxima into medleys cause those are cute
  • learn how to draw some creepy gory stuffs
  • meet to human equivalent to Taiga Kagami (plz omg plz)
asdfghjkl i think thts all rlly, some are kinda stupid but idc (; lets hope i can get some of these done tho
i hope everyone has a good 2016 8)
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