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The GRAND Couturier, Indeed
(WARNINGS: Nui Harime, obesity, sweat, clothes ripping, big butts, strenuous stair climbing, do dresses even work this way)
Walking sure is a pain when you're 700 pounds! Not to mention climbing stairs is quite daunting as well.
Nui Harime happily skipped (to the best of her ability) along the streets of Honnou City, her frilly pink parasol clutched in her chubby hand. Droplets of lukewarm sweat trickled down her pudgy face and chunky thighs, each aforementioned thigh jiggling wildly with each step. Her pink skirt rose slightly above her two wobbling moons of asscheeks, giving any passerby behind her a free show to her lacy pink panties which were strewn across her gigantic, quaking posterior.
You'd think with clothes these adorable, Nui would have a small frame, but not since she had discovered the luxury of gourmet food and sweets that Lady Ragyou had been so generous to give to her! Nui found herself addicted to these palate-stimulating wonders, devouring even the slightest crumb wh
:iconkagaminhiiragi:KagaminHiiragi 36 4
All for You
(WARNINGS: Yuno Gasai, Yuno/Yukiteru, stuffing, EXTREME weight gain like I am talking Yuno outgrows a house, feeding, burping, farting, Yukiteru has a fat fetish)
Humming happily to herself, the diligent and loyal Yuno Gasai was in the process of cleaning up her love, Yukiteru Amano's, room -- without him knowing, of course! That'd ruin the surprise!
Meticulously scrubbing the floors and straightening his bed sheets, Yuno put her heart into making sure her beloved's room was spic and span! In the process of her cleaning, as usual, she'd have to go under Yukkii's bed and pull out some dirty magazines! Tsk, tsk... wait, huh?
Something about these girls were... different. They were very, very plump, with big, round bellies, thick thighs, large jiggly asses, and big breasts. There were several of these magazines, and they ranged from chubby to very fat and overweight. Not only were there magazines, but some homemade, stapled together booklets made from printed images of fat and obes
:iconkagaminhiiragi:KagaminHiiragi 253 9
Just Desserts
(WARNINGS: Mami Tomoe, stuffing, extreme immediate weight gain, burping, magical cake)
"M-Mami-san! There's the witch!"
"Okay! Let's go kill that witch!"
Mami Tomoe runs gracefully towards the Witch of Desserts, Charlotte, while hand in hand with her future magical girl junior, Madoka Kaname. Today was a special day -- Mami was finally going to have a partner. As soon as she killed this witch, Madoka would become a magical girl and fight by her side! Oh, the thought made her absolutely ecstatic!
But... something was strange about this place. It took few moments for Mami to put her finger on it, but she realized it when she looked up at the witch, perched on it's tuffet.
The witch wasn't really doing anything, or causing harm. It was just... sitting there, minding its own business. In fact, none of the familiars or minions had been malicious towards them, either. She began to think deeply about it, when something else caught her attention this time...
"Sniff, sniff... oh, my, something
:iconkagaminhiiragi:KagaminHiiragi 209 8
Servicing a Demon (Fat!Kneesocks x Reader)
(WARNINGS: Obese slob Kneesocks, slave!reader, reader is ambiguous gender, stuffing, bellyaches, bellyrubs, burping)
This was not exactly the 'punishment' you had in mind, but you don't mind one bit.
"What are you gawking at, you lowly fool!? Bring me more confections this instant!"
Seated rather proudly in front of you was one of the beautiful demon sisters, Kneesocks. Since the defeat of Corset, her and her sister had not much to do besides, well, eat -- resulting in several hundred pounds being added to her once thin figure.
Previously slim and taught, her belly bulged out in every direction, pouring over her lap and groaning in insatiable hunger. Her breasts also used to be quite small, but they have since grown in size tenfold, bursting out of her bra and uniform, creating quite a sight. Oh, but that wasn't all -- her thighs were extraordinarily thick and jiggly, holes having been torn in her trademark socks, the thick red fat bubbling out of the openings, desperate for freedom. T
:iconkagaminhiiragi:KagaminHiiragi 64 21


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Skullgirls: Filia's New Job [WG]
"I told 'ya kid, too many milkshakes ain't good for anybody." Samson attempted, although he doubted Filia would care, considering the feast she was now finishing off. "Samon, I'm fine! Watch, I can still fight!" Filia replied, making a kicking gesture from her seat at the diner. Really, she just kind of pushed her leg out, almost losing her balance, and considering the deed done pulled back her leg, hoping her extreme kicking skills were noted. Filia had been relaxing since the defeat of the Skullgirl. Although Squiggly had to sacrifice herself, it was peaceful once again in New Meridian. Of course, now that she didn't really need to fight anymore, Filia indulged in her greatest love.
Honestly the girl ate for two anyways, so why not go a bit further? Well, that's what she thought. Slowly but surely, Filia had seriously packed on the pounds. Although she had lost the hourglass figure she had possessed, she really didn't care. Her belly had gotten out of hand, beating out even her
:icontheforgettableone:TheForgettableOne 49 2
Angels of Plenty UNITE by Trinity-Fate Angels of Plenty UNITE :icontrinity-fate:Trinity-Fate 1,703 33 Super Swimsuits by Trinity-Fate Super Swimsuits :icontrinity-fate:Trinity-Fate 1,367 31 Drown in the Fatness - Part 1/5 by Belt-Buster Drown in the Fatness - Part 1/5 :iconbelt-buster:Belt-Buster 2,240 114 Unsuspecting Girl Expands by poptart317 Unsuspecting Girl Expands :iconpoptart317:poptart317 1,541 29


Guess who's laptop broke and guess who just got a replacement. @__@

I lost all of the fics I was working on too.

I apologize for the wait to any partners. I really am sorry. I'm pretty down and out about this. If anyone doesn't want to RP with me anymore, I understand. My activity is very unpredictable and spotty. I can't blame you.


KagaminHiiragi's Profile Picture
United States
Hello. I am Kagamin. I am a disgusting fetishist who enjoys writing disgusting fetish stuff for fellow disgusting fetishists. I am a big fan of the three B's: boobs, belly and butt.

FAQ for your convenience:

Are you a boy or a girl?
I'm a being of pure energy with no weakness.

Do you take requests?
Yep. But under certain conditions.
1. It has to be a character I know. I am less inclined to write about a character that I know nothing about. That being said, I refuse to write for the following series: Naruto, Inuyasha, Bleach, One Piece, DBZ. Also, no OCs.
2. Give me a freaking prompt. If you tell me "write a belly fic about konata plox!! x3" I won't do it. Give me details, as many as you can, and I'll try to bring your idea to life.
3. Don't rush me. I'm not very confident in my writing so it takes a while for me to come up with something.

What fetishes will and won't you do?
I am a deplorable pervert, and I love a various variety of fetishes. But the thing I like most is the three B's. I dislike very few fetishes. If your fetish isn't on here, note me and I'll tell you what I think.
Will write: belly fetish, fat, obese, weight gain, stuffing, big boobs, breast expansion, big butt, butt expansion, burping, farting, hiccuping, water inflation, vore, incest, etc
Won't write: males as fetish focus, piss, scat, feet, muscles, inflation (like with air), weight loss, characters under the age of 10, plain vanilla sex

What do you mean you won't write males as fetish focus?
I won't write about a male character gaining weight, butt getting bigger, or basically anything. Male characters are fine as the supporting cast (feeding the girl, rubbing her belly, etc) but I will not write about them. Sorry.

What kind of things will you write?
I write with one or more characters as the main focus. I will do solo, self-insert (character x reader), shipping (het/yuri is all fine), etc. I will write 18+ works as well but there must be fetishes involved. I will write about mostly anything though, as long as you give me a proper prompt.

What series will you write for?
I will write for most anime series. Just ask me which ones I have and haven't seen. That being said, just ask me anything about series. If it's an anime, cartoon, game, whatever, just ask me and I'll tell you if I will write for it. If it's in my gallery/favourites, though, I have seen it and will write for it.

Do you RP?
Yep! Note me about it.

The things you write are gross/weird!
I don't care. Like, at all.

You wrote my request, but I don't like it.
Oh well. I took time out of my day to write it for you, for free, and if you don't like it then it's your problem, not mine.


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