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①Hello everybody! we are already at the +200 members thanks to everybody who joins and uploads their works! ノシ

②If anybody is curious about it, here is the monthly Len ranking [Here if you don't have a nico dou account]

③I lately after years orz kind of finished the shrine/information part on the Kagamine Len fanlisting (also revamped the whole site with new layout) so if you have the time please take a look and join if you want too!

④By the way, by the way, whenever I have any kind of information about Len's append I'll be posting it here the only demo's available right now are:

Len soft demo ver 1
Len soft demo ver 2

I read on their twitter that they were going to work on Rin's dark next so... dunno about Len, let's see what comes with the time.

⑤Keep on uploading your Len artz people! (σ゜∀゜)σ

and now I shall go and add some little bit more of video links to the english translated database (´・ω・`)ゞ
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Submitted on
May 16, 2010