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★Hello guys! just a really really quick update, Crypton just uploaded a sample for Len's append called "moody" Here is the link → Click they are going for a low voice

Here is the twitter post btw

★Also a little update on Len's soft was made just some days ago, if you're curious about it you can go check it here → Click
★Hello guys! Reporting self to throw some updates! Also thanks for 300 members~!

①I added a new folder called COMIC STRIPES, so there you can add your comics if you make any (:
②We are already 4 months old lol, so we might be on time on doing some contest, anyone? I must talk about this with Syaomie first though.
③The other day I updated the English translated solo songs database if you haven't checked it~

①If you're interested you can check out Len's Monthly Ranking for May | Click here if you don't have a Nico Douga account ! (If someone wants any of the mp3's on the playlist feel free to ask for it btw!)

②As you all already know, There's Project Diva's costume contest, there were 3 outfit's selected for Len:

School Jersey
Young Adult Dancer (WTF)

Also uploaded at the Project Diva 2nd site

There are still more costumes to come.. so I'm not sure if Len will get anymore (I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't) but I'm leaving thise as a note☆

There was also announced a DLC pack for project Diva called Motto okawari Rin, Len, Luka which is an extension with more songs (and a Toeto mini game) Len just got 2 extra songs which are Nayuta no kanata made (那由他の彼方まで) and Sandscrapper (サンドスクレイパー)

Len's SEGA Prize EX Figure coming out in November
Vocaloid Trading Strap Track 02 from HobbyStock is going to have a Len Keychan in the set~

★Aaaand I think that's it for now!
①Hello everybody! we are already at the +200 members thanks to everybody who joins and uploads their works! ノシ

②If anybody is curious about it, here is the monthly Len ranking [Here if you don't have a nico dou account]

③I lately after years orz kind of finished the shrine/information part on the Kagamine Len fanlisting (also revamped the whole site with new layout) so if you have the time please take a look and join if you want too!

④By the way, by the way, whenever I have any kind of information about Len's append I'll be posting it here the only demo's available right now are:

Len soft demo ver 1
Len soft demo ver 2

I read on their twitter that they were going to work on Rin's dark next so... dunno about Len, let's see what comes with the time.

⑤Keep on uploading your Len artz people! (σ゜∀゜)σ

and now I shall go and add some little bit more of video links to the english translated database (´・ω・`)ゞ
You're welcome to add anything to this list (・ω・)ノッ
But Remember!
●Translated Songs only
●Solos (Len) only!

On Youtube

すべてが終わってしまう前に (Subete ga owatte shimau mae ni)
イダルゴ (Hidalgo)
ラグーン (Lagoon)
満月の夜に踊れ (Mangetsu no yoru ni odore)
金色戦場歌 (Golden Battlefield Song)
私は人間じゃないから (Watashi wa ningen janai kara)
翼歌 (Tsubasa Uta)
頑張ろうよ (Ganbarouyo)
目の無い私 (Me no nai watashi)
平日(くもり) (Kumori)
月花ノ姫歌 (Gekka no himeuta)
ごみばこ (Gomibako)
No Thank You
Another: World is Mine
Return to Zero #1
Return to Zero #2 Ooze out
Return to Zero #3 Vengeance
声々 (Kowagowa)
愛情狂現 (Aijou kyou utsutsu)
悪の召使い (Aku no Meshitsukai)
ココロ・キセキ (Kokoro Kiseki)
イケ恋歌 (Ikerenka)
花曇 (Hanagumori)
ヘタ恋歌 (Hetarenka)
ボクとアリスのワンダーランド (Boku to Alice no Wonderland)
Bloody my doll
ベンゼン (Benzene)
パラジクロロベンゼン (Paradichlorobenzene)
子守唄 (Minashigokamiuta)
隔れんぼ (Kakurenbo)
雷鳴アンプリファ (Raimei anpurifa)
水色の空 (Mizuiro no sora)
-Last Night-
明日から本気出す (Ashita kara honki dasu)
Re_Birthday ~ぜんまい仕掛けの子守唄3~(Re_birthday ~Zenmai jikake no komoriuta 3~)
君を探す空 (Kimi wo sagasu sora)
蜜蜂 (Mitsubachi)
裏表ラバース (Uraomote lovers)
夢想スル花ト無可有郷 (Musou suru hana to mukayu kyou)
ヤンデ恋歌 (Yanderenka)
レンラクマダー? (Renraku mada?)
右肩の蝶 (Migikata no Chou)
囚人 (Shuujin)
はいいろ (Haiiro)
新世紀 (Shinseiki)
鏡音レンの消失 (Kagamine Len no Shoushitsu)
白と黒の系譜 (Shiro to kuro no keifu)
soundless voice
空が落ちた (Sora ga ochita)
ナゾトキ (Nazotoki)
悪ノ王子 (Aku no ouji)
朱、白き色 (Ake, Shiroki iro)
ナゾトキ Long ver. (Nazotoki Long ver.)
ニトロベンゼン (Nitrobenzene)
君に捧ぐファンタジア (Kimi ni sasagu fantajia)
辞めてやるよ歌い手なんか (Yamete yaru yo utaite nanka) *Parody
言葉はいらない (Kotoba wa iranai)
静かの海の片隅で(Shizuka no umi no katasumi)
ソライロ! (Skyblue!)
アウト オブ エデン (Out of Eden)

Non-video subtitled

パラジクロロベンゼン (Paradichlorobenzene)
君に☆スプラッシュ(Kimi ni Splash)
金色戦場歌 (Golden Battlefield Song)
ショタレラ (shotarella)
雨を連れゆく (Ame wo tsureyuku)
悪ノ召使 (Aku no Meshitsukai)
ココロ・キセキ (Kokoro-Kiseki)
イケ恋歌 (Ikerenka)
ボクモテ (Boku mote)
月と虎落笛のインソムニア (Tsuki to mogaribue no Insomnia)
最初のクリスマス (Saisho no christmas)
重い木箱 (Omoi Kibako)
僕は灰猫 (Boku wa Haineko)
なまえのないうた (Namae no nai uta)
ボクとアリスのワンダーランド (Boku to Alice no Wonderland)
那由他の彼方まで (Nayuta no kanata made)

*Organized in no particular order

*Last Update: 17/Sept/10
① Hello people! Welcome to our new members!

② Also we have a new affiliate~ to be sure to check it out!

③ If someone is curious about it here goes the

Len ranking for February 2010! | Here if you don't have nicodou account

④ As news for today, I wonder how much of you have heard about the 39 giving day, which is a Miku concert that was announced to happen during the Miku day (March 9th), as special guests they announced Luka, Rin & Len so yesss that means what you're thinking about---! Len just appeared around 2 minutes along the whole concert but check it out already uploaded to youtube:

39 Giving Day Len's appearance @ 7:55

⑤ Aaand that's it for the meanwhile ;D