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Happy holidays! as a reminder the voting for the contest is almost closing so if you have the time click!

On Japan it's 27th already so nico is full of anniversary videos

Happy Birthday Len! Happy Birthday Rin!



Aaaaaaaaaaand Also! Contest has finished! Thanks for the people that submitted an entry! Further information will be posted later on /o/!

(EDIT) From Crypton's twitter: (Detailed pic for the append design)

Nov.26.2010 Updates

ktkr o/!

And here are some demo song samples!

Nov.16.2010 Updates

FIRST. Sorry for not being around lately OTL

SECOND. Contest is going to be extended until December 7th [this month went too fast for me...]

THIRD.  NEW DEMO! /o/ it seems they changed the name moody to cold 'Get Wild' Demo here

and if that's not enough! We have an approach on the append design on that video !!

Oct.08.2010 Updates

New demo from Piapro's blog Len append power → L-side!

Oct.01.2010 Updates

New demo for Len Append Power → Aku no Meshitsukai!
(I'm not sure if they are going to release another one just now/today, will update again if happens) Just when I pressed submit another demo appeared oh myy
Yet another one for Len Append Power → Ikerenka!

Sept.23.2010 Updates

Released a new demo for Len Append Power → Migikata! & soundless voice!

Twitter post →…

BTW, Hey people, how much of you have a twitter account here? I am trying to make a Len twitter bot in english and I'm still testing him, if somebody would like to play with him here is the account: he's really tsuntsun o:


Sept.21.2010 Updates

Append News:
Minimum update: wat-san tweeted that he was working on a voice for Len called serious he mentioned this append before on the 17th, he said something along the lines that it is far from being completed but it seemed to be a boy version of Miku dark with an adding of a powerful voice... someone correct me here if I'm wrong /o/

:bulletblue::bulletyellow:CURRENT CONTEST:bulletyellow::bulletblue:
Some months back I talked about a contest, since most of people might be going to school or is busy etc this might be going for about 2 months? or something XD; so after talking with :iconsyaomie: we came to this idea for the contest:

★Draw some original costume for Len
Yeaaah /o/ Remember the project diva contest and all that on piapro? We both thought it would be a good idea to run a contest like that just for fun, and also what we are going to qualify is originality over drawing skills, of course this doesn't mean you shouldn't give your best to give a nice presentation!

:bulletyellow: RULES:
-You CAN'T take any kind of already done material/design (By example from a PV or another illustration, it must be completely original)
-Drawing should have a front view, side view and back view
-The limit is 2 designs per person (if you want to, you can submit as much illustrations as you want for one design to complete the 3 views)

:bulletyellow: Some advice:
-You can base your design in any kind of theme, or even a song but let it not be exactly the same costume that is used in such song
-Have fun! ヽ(>ヮ<)ノ
-You can check out the comments of this entry for even more information!

DEADLINE: December 7th

And of course:

:star: PRIZES

☆3rd Place:
+ Chibi drawing with your costume entry (by either Hikusa-Rockgirl-X or Syaomie you choose!)
+ Costume appearing on a flash made Len clock*
☆2nd Place:
+ Normal Drawing with your costume entry (by either Hikusa-Rockgirl-X or Syaomie you choose!)
+ Costume appearing on a flash made Len clock*
☆1st Place:
+ A little 3 Month DevSubscription! (Sponsored by both of us /o/)
+ Normal Drawing with your costume entry by both Hikusa-Rockgirl-X and Syaomie
+ Costume appearing on a flash made Len clock*

For everybody participating
To tell the truth I wasn't sure about accepting contributors yet (And I think some people tried to join like that but after accepting the first one I never decided to accept them or not sorry about that (><)), So, I already decided everybody participating this contest (or future contests) will become Contributors from the group o/

*About the flash clock: I digged up once how to make a simple flash clock and well since it is not that hard why don't give it a try (like the famous Miku clock) so I'll be working on this and try to add some little extras with the 3 finalist submissions.


Sept.17.2010 Updates

★Len Append Power Sample Song: 『もう恋なんてしない』 (Mou koi nante shinai)
★Len Append Power Sample Song (Acapella): 『もう恋なんてしない』 (Mou koi nante shinai)

Blog Post at Piapro

Thoughts so far, people? o/

With this it is Soft, Moody & Power so far, as you have seen the names are slightly different from Miku's original append, I remember reading on wat's (crypton) twitter something about Moody sounding like if it was a Dark+Solid(or Vivid can't remember orz) combination (or it seemed like that), I'm wondering right now if each of the Kagamine will have less voices since they have to share software uhmmm o:

:bulletblue:Some more regular normal updates
Monthly Len ranking for June (Playlist)
Monthly Len ranking for July (Playlist)
Monthly Len ranking for August (Playlist)

:bulletblue:Updating Subbed Songs list with
静かの海の片隅で(Shizuka no umi no katasumi)
ソライロ! (Skyblue!)
アウト オブ エデン (Out of Eden)


That's it for now! o/☂
★Hello guys! just a really really quick update, Crypton just uploaded a sample for Len's append called "moody" Here is the link → Click they are going for a low voice

Here is the twitter post btw

★Also a little update on Len's soft was made just some days ago, if you're curious about it you can go check it here → Click
★Hello guys! Reporting self to throw some updates! Also thanks for 300 members~!

①I added a new folder called COMIC STRIPES, so there you can add your comics if you make any (:
②We are already 4 months old lol, so we might be on time on doing some contest, anyone? I must talk about this with Syaomie first though.
③The other day I updated the English translated solo songs database if you haven't checked it~

①If you're interested you can check out Len's Monthly Ranking for May | Click here if you don't have a Nico Douga account ! (If someone wants any of the mp3's on the playlist feel free to ask for it btw!)

②As you all already know, There's Project Diva's costume contest, there were 3 outfit's selected for Len:

School Jersey
Young Adult Dancer (WTF)

Also uploaded at the Project Diva 2nd site

There are still more costumes to come.. so I'm not sure if Len will get anymore (I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't) but I'm leaving thise as a note☆

There was also announced a DLC pack for project Diva called Motto okawari Rin, Len, Luka which is an extension with more songs (and a Toeto mini game) Len just got 2 extra songs which are Nayuta no kanata made (那由他の彼方まで) and Sandscrapper (サンドスクレイパー)

Len's SEGA Prize EX Figure coming out in November
Vocaloid Trading Strap Track 02 from HobbyStock is going to have a Len Keychan in the set~

★Aaaand I think that's it for now!