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Sub! And Animation and Projects

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 11, 2008, 9:36 PM
THANK YOU Sillaque!!:heart:

Thank you so much for the subscription!!
Everyday I am amazed by the kindness of everybody... I feel very lucky to know so many incredible people!! :worship:


Remember this: :thumb105487382: ?

Well...just as I feared, I wasn't able to finish. T__T I only got around 30 seconds animated + 30 seconds beginning rambling. *big sigh* Since I am such a slow drawer, it took me about 2-3 hrs drawing each frame, depending on the scene. So with 47 pics...around 100 hrs spent on this so far! Luckily my teacher said this was good enough for a final project (after all, I only had about 1.5 weeks plus all my other class hw).

I would like to finish this someday, especially since I planned out lots of scenes already.. But my video editing program ends in 9 days (I download trial version)..what to do...

(Oh, and there's music too. It sounds lame in the beginning. :XD: I haven't gotten to the cool part in the song yet, guaaah...)

Originally, it was supposed to be ONLY THE TWO BOYS. But then since this was for school project to be shown in class, I was afraid people were going to be like "OMG, are they gaaay?!!" Gaaahhhh. No, they aren't gay! They just like to act suspiciously so!!! But anyways, I  ended up just throwing a girl inside so it is the same-old overused 1 girl + 2 boys kind of story. My heart is breaking. ;A;

I want to talk about these characters more, but I don't have their reference sheets finished drawing yet... so maybe next journal! I just want to say that they don't normally look like this. Their hairstyles and clothing have been modernized and simplified (because drawing fancy over and over would kill me..orz). For example, the boy with gold eyes really has white long hair with blue tints..but since I didn't think the class would understand such "strange" colors, I chose more normal ones for this. Oh, and they all look about 10 years younger too.


I realized I haven't been sharing all the projects I've been doing in class lately. XDD Keep forgetting, oops! The quality of my work has been dropping a lot... try to show in chronological order.

**Nostalgic Collage

It was finally finished! Remember the magazine cut-out with the bra picture? Yeah..this is that. I originally covered it up with plastic like in the top image because I was embarrassed by this crap, but the teacher made me take it off. D:

**Wire Animal Project
We used this stiff stiff wire to make a model of a recently extinct animal. I chose the Thylacine, aka "Tasmanian Tiger" cuz it can open its jaw up to 120 degrees. That's pretty sick. *3* So I just had to do it. XD
Requirement was to make it at least 18 inches. Mine ended up.....A WHOPPING 56 INCHES!! ....I'm retarded for torturing myself.

My original plan was to, of course, give it four legs...:

But due to time constraints, the poor guy only ended up having two...:

I TRIIIIEEDDDD.... Oops, I just realized I forgot to give him a tongue, and his lower jaw looks too long (but not when it's closed)...orz.

We got a slab of linoleum(? I forgot what.) and we had to carve out a pattern to be printed. I wanted to do a fancy pattern, but once again....I couldn't finish. OTL

Why can't I ever do anything right?!?!?!?!!

We got to use these cool big machines. :3

And the result:

I bought a carving tool to do small details, but I broke it after the first circle. TAT It cost me $20.... I was planning to return it after I was finished! But now all I have left is a broken stick... and -$20 in my pocket.

**Inflatable Object
We had to make a gigantic inflatable statue thing. xDDDD I was absent (I overslept and missed class, orz) so my group chose the subject and we ended up doing...a hammer!!! :XD:

It's made out of plastic and tape. It's very big! Guess which one is me, ahahahaaa:

I took pictures of other people's projects too. This group did a chess piece:

They cheated. ;A; They used black plastic and heavy tape and weights...We're all supposed to use the same materials!!

A pin! It's so cute~ teehee:

And lastly......a.....WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?!?!?!:

They said it was a "key" sure doesn't look like a key to me.... it sorta looks like a.....nevermind...

Remember when I asked help choosing a picture from the photoshoot and then one of them was chosen to be the promotional flyer?

Anyways, here's the flyer:

And then everybody's work was displayed in a show. Although....although.... even though my stuff is very bad, how come I had the most items displayed?! gaaahh...teacher-san, you should put up more of other people's stuff and not pull down the quality of the show with my crap!!!

That means that plus the flyer, ...5/6 of my craps ended up being posted... this world.. must be coming to an end..

**Obsessions Tower
The topic was "modular units" (group project), a lot of one thing. legos, blocks, etc. I remembered that whenever I used to try to make card towers, I could never get it high before it fell, and I got really pissed. So I had the idea to make cards with VELCRO on them, so they wouldn't fall!! Tadaa! A good idea, ne ne? If only real toys like that were invented...

Well, I had to make it have some "deep philosophical meaning crap" behind it, so I just made up something quick and said we could fill it up with "bad obsessions" with the bottom being the least, and the top being the worst. (yeah, it was a 1-sec idea, but who cares, we passed anyways XD)

So here is a picture of the card tower before we added the "obsessions":

For obsessions, we put in things like credit card for spending too much money, chocolate, a tiny tower of all my pills to represent teh druggies XD, razors for teh emo cutters, etc.
BUT there was this really funny thing I gotta show you. One of the girls was just walking around when people passed around condoms, and she saw the picture on it and just HAD to take one because XD:

TWO MEN. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL "One". ah mai god. XDDD Why are there two men on the picture?! It was so funny we had to use it. Obsession #4, attraction to...

**Parade Float
Finally, last one! We had to make a minimum 4 ft. float of "something we cared about". Since at this time, I was already under a lot of stress from my animation project, I knew I wouldn't have time to do something I reaaallly liked, like maybe gokutsuna a mountain of candy or something. So I just chose Mickey Mouse. orz. I thought it would be simple because he's made up of very easy shapes... Only after I started did I realize that everyone else was making things with BOX shapes which is so much easier than the circles and cones I had to deal with. After all, we were using only cardboard and wire (and paper mache).

After 5 hrs of work:

After additional 5 hrs of work:

(slfkjla I gave up on the arms and legs and body..wait, that means everything...)

After additional 2-3 hrs of work, the stand I was originally going to put him on:

What a pity I ended up trashing it and wasted my time.

And then I paper mache Mickey. I never used paper mache before!! Everybody in the class was it really that strange? ._. A girl taught me a lot of secret techniques like using long strips, etc.
I didn't have money to buy paint, so I just used a little tube I brought with me, but in the end it wasn't enough...the colors had to be diluted too much and was faded-looking, plus I actually didn't have time to paper mache everything so there were holes...

All in all, it sucked.

I covered his eyes and put a dollar inside his hand because I needed to have a "meaning" for the piece. So I just said Mickey was blinded by corporate greed. In reality, I just didn't want to draw his eyes.

Oh, I forgot to mention, but I trashed all of my projects because I have no space in my little dorm room, and plus I don't like them that much anyways... But the teacher wanted my Mickey, so I gave it to her. I don't know why anyone wants that piece of poo...

Series Spotlight
I wanted to talk about different series in each journal from now on, but this one is already too long, so next one! ^^;

To-Do List

  1. :star-half: llawliet-ryuzaki // chibi Mello
  2. :star: llawliet-ryuzaki // chibi Matt
  3. :star-half: llawliet-ryuzaki // chibi Near
    :bulletblue::bulletblue:Secret Santa / Contests
  1. :star-half: Reborn Secret Exchange // ???Secret!
  2. :star-half: Brilcrist // ???Half-secret!
    :bulletblue::bulletblue:Gifts / Requests
  1. :star-half: Sillaque // thank you for sub! art
  2. :star-half: bunnbunn // bday art
  3. :star-half: Akishiro // Joshua&Neku
  4. :star-empty: PomSpom // Kamina&Simon
  5. :star-empty: marpie // Gippal
  1. :star-half: 5927 birthday story
  2. :star-half: 5927 10YL with bunnbunn's story
    :bulletblue::bulletblue:Other projects
  1. :star-half: LOOOTS of misc fanart. Lots.
  2. :star-half: Finish OC character reference sheets!
  3. :star-empty: Finish Sky High animation project!
  4. :star-empty: Scan and translate 5927 anthologies!
  5. :star-empty: Translate Reborn character monologues!
  6. :star-half: Translate Heartbeat Bullet game!
  7. :star-half: Translate Altor game!
  8. :star-half: Finish Matt & storm Gokudera costume!

Yup, I made a new journal css from that one scene in Sky High. I might change it back though..XD
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ichigo-love Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2008
Luckies! Another subby ^3^ Tehe now you can still do more awesome stuff ><;;;
johwa Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2008
ohhhh man. no matter what crap you go through, you always manage to make me laugh/smile so much reading your journal entires.


s-so true though. Disney's not doing so well... X"D
kagami222 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2008  Student Filmographer
Yes! Mickey used to be a pure and innocent being, but after Walt Disney died, all the CEOs started being evil and they put a price tag on everything, and even the CHURROS are like $6!!! For a single CHURRO!!!! That is so mean!!!!! :cries:
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