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Yesterday, I went to the Renaissance Fair for the first time in my life! :D It was soo fun, I'd really like to go again next year~ :iconkissingplz:

I was very impressed by all the medieval-styled buildings and how many people were dressed up! I always thought it would just be local vendors selling in hastily put-up tents, so I was incredibly shocked:heart: Oh, and the jousting was magnificent as well!

There were so many things I wanted to buy, like swords (the person was yelling "If yer 18 and don't carry a sharp pointy object, sumthin's wrong with ya!" XD), costumes (I saw a very rich-looking Austria-like coat, but it was too biggg), wax seal (but how many times would I use it?), etc., but they were all TOO EXPENSIVE! Maybe next time when I have more cash.. ;w;

One last note:


It took me 3.5 hrs to finish it. Goodness.
  • Listening to: random Disney songs
  • Reading: some thick 300-page theology book for class
  • Watching: One Outs 22
  • Playing: with Germany's boxers
  • Eating: TURKIYEEE
  • Drinking: tea
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moriookami Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2009
Ren Faire is awesome. I can't wait to go this year. :D Yeah, definately dress up next time. I'm going to dress up hopefully, but so far all my medieval wear needs to go to the dry cleaners. lol
Metsumei Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2009
wow that does sound like fun ^ ^
SachiXhappiness Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2009
They really are amazing omg <3 Ours is coming up soon :3 I plan on wearing a costume :D
xYumiChanx Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2009
Gah!! I'm missing Ren Fair this year!! >< I am sad. . . Oh well, glad you liked it though! Yeah, it's a LOT of money! You should dress up! It's actually a lot of fun!

- Yumi
kawaiixoxsmiles Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2009
sounds like fun :)
Sonamae Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2009   Artist
Renaissance Fair's are indeed amazing. And the food is amazing. And all the stuff they sell.

But it's always oh so expensive every time. This year all I could afford was food. But my brother bought a sword and gladly offered to fend off any guy who came near our group of girls and three or 4 boys.
That is until the pirates invited us to go singing with them. It's amazing how easy it is to break a stage when singing with the Drunken Sailors.
kagami222 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2009  Student Filmographer
XDDD P-pirates! Ah, nothing exciting like that happened, besides the store owners who kept trying to call us over to buy food/whatnot. :XD:
Sonamae Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2009   Artist
Next year get a group of friends together a dress up like pirates. Then you can go around singing pirate songs. Makes it even funner!
(Funner is a word... >.>;))
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