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One Outs (anime)

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 22, 2008, 2:34 AM

One Outs (ワンナウツ Wannautsu) is a psychological baseball story currently being produced by the animation studio Madhouse. The original manga ran for 19 volumes, and the anime currently has 11 episodes. It started running on October 7, 2008, and is definitely one of the top new series of 2009. Like many other series with Engrish names, One Outs is also an unlucky victim of bad grammar. However, that can be overlooked because the extra 'S' presents a very pleasing shape to the logo, a good balance. And the missing space between the comma and "but"? Artistic.

Contents [hide</I>]

1 Plot? What Plot?
2 Characters
          2.1 The Hot Ones
          2.1 The Not So Hot Ones
3 Best Team Names ever
4 This makes no sense!
5 Ear candy
6 References

Plot Summary

Kojima is professional baseball player, the cleanup hitter for the Lycaons. A highly decorated player and the pride of the city, there is only one title he hasn't earned yet: champion. To try to discover what he is missing, Kojima sets up a baseball camp. Soon he comes across the mysterious enigma Tokuchi Toa, and through a bet in a game called One Outs, brings him into the world of the pros.

Unfortunately One Outs is not about Kojima. It is rumored that he was denied the position of main character because he refused to jump off of baseball stadiums shirtless with his pants unzipped. D: Sorry, Kojima-san. But we are still cheering you on.


Instead, One Outs is about this glorious piece of human flesh, Tokuchi.

Let's all take a moment and stare at the famed pitcher of the Lycaons.

Here's another picture of Tokuchi. Let's stare some more.

Madhouse did an amazing job again, didn't they?
Yeah. That's some grope-able stuff right there. His voice is also just beautiful to listen to.


Tokuchi can be said to be a professional gambler. He is an expert at reading people's emotions and actions, and manipulating them to his needs. Before he became a pro, he had used this technique to earn 99 consecutive wins as a pitcher in the One Outs gambling game. He also loves pachinko. Teehee.

Tokuchi isn't a very strong pitcher. He can only throw at fastest, 134 km/hr (83 mph), slower than most good high school pitchers. Yet why can't anyone hit his throws...?

After joining the Lycaons team, he signed a contract with the owner of the team, Saikawa, a devil businessman. According to this contract, Tokuchi will earn ¥5,000,000 for every batter he strikes out. However, he will also lose ¥50,000,000 for each run he gives up. It sounds like a terribly one-sided contract, yet he signs up fearlessly and smilingly. This shittingly hot.

Of course there are many other important characters as well. But Kagami suffers from hot-manflesh disease. So with much regret, let us move on to Takami Itsuki:

8'DDDDDD so cute and cool and awesome!! He makes the perfect rival for Tokuchi! slkfjsdkl!!!!!! Yes! I now dub this relationship... TakaToku!!!! Watch watch, I will make this phrase popular!! TAKATOKU!!!!!! why is Takami's name listed first when he has such big cute eyes...uhn uhn, good catch...well, you see, it's like this..NO! Wait! This is off-topic!

Takami-san is the prodigy batter of the Mariners. He has the best motion vision in the baseball world, able to observe pitches clearly to an extent that normal people cannot. Their much anticipated first meeting was of much commotion: the undefeated newcomer pitcher vs. prodigy batter. Takami is the only person who has dared to challenge and even match Tokuchi's battle of wits. (Well then again there is manager Shirooka in the latest episode *mumble* but he isn't very *mumble* Takatoku is first..*mumble*)

Unfortunately Takami only appears in 4.5 episodes (5-9). Darn, why are the matches between teams only 3 games long? I humbly request more Mariners vs. Lycaons!!! OTLLL Unfortunately it is most certain that it will be a while before the Lycaons face off with the Mariners once more. Maybe they can have a secret meet-*hit by baseball*

:iconimhappyplz:Brooklyn, another cleanup batter of the Mariners, who deserves his own spot of fame because of his BROOKLYN RAAAAGEEEE!!! His English is a treat to listen to. "Hay, Eetzookey!" "Sheet!" "Waht?" Oh, and he brings over 30 bats to each game just so he can crush them with his RAGE. RAGE. RAAAGGGEEEE.

Baseball Teams

A terrible baseball team due to Owner Saikawa's greedy money-grubbing schemes. They were able to win a championship once many years ago, but have since fallen. However, with the addition of Tokuchi, it looks like their luck is about to change...
Another main character of this team is Ideguchi Satoshi, the catcher. Heh. He's kinda cute. Ideguchi is voiced by Yamaguchi Kappei, the seiyuu of L. L....... Yeah Death Note fans. Now you must watch One Outs, if just to listen to the voices. >:3

Has an amazing pitcher who can throw fastballs and sliders with no peculiarities at all.

Lol. I can't even remember if they actually played or not. But lol at the name.

Home of the three greatest cleanup batters, Takami, Brooklyn, and Tomas. All three have batting averages over .400. If you are baseball illiterate (like Kagami), that is an incredible score.

First appeared in episode 10. A team that was almost as bad as the Lycaon's, their recent new manager, the great strategist Shirooka, has brought them up to 3rd place already. Not only that, they have a new foreigner team member, Johnson... "the baseball world's fastest runner". Tactics can only make up so much for the lack of strength, predicts Shirooka. How can Tokuchi's tactics be able to stop Johnson's sheer strength?! Ah noes, a cliffhangerrrrr...!

Has not appeared in the anime yet, but they're on the website.
Scott Williams, the relief ace. Throws the knuckleball?! Pedro Rodrigo, the league's top home runner. Ooh. Sounds formidable. Good luck, Tokuchi!

Notes of Interest

Why do I spell Tokuchi's first name as "Toa" instead of "Toua" like the fansubs and official site? Because of this shot of Tokuchi signing his name under a contract:

I would think he knows how to spell his own name. I would much rather follow Tokuchi's preferred way of spelling, then what fans and directors dub him. I respect your omission of the letter 'u', Tokuchi-sannn!!!! :shakefist: Besides, I am already always in a habit of omitting extended vowels anyways, as with dojinshi, etc.

Changed OP Animation
Rewatching episode 1 again, the other day, I noticed:

I wonder why they changed it after the first one...? Well, still amazing either way!
The ending also changed too. First, a baseball fell through a screen of water, and now it bounces off the ground.

What country's money is this?!

hmmm.....HMMMMMM.... when did Ben-kun grow hair?!


Opening Song
"Bury" by Pay money To my Pain
The opening is in English, sung by a Japanese band that only sings English songs. It's pretty good actually. But the best the animation.. Even if you aren't planning to watch this anime, please do at least watch the opening! It' of... fan serviceeee.

Tokuchi doesn't wear underwear. Ufufufu...UWAH!! Σ(゚□゚||| ) I..I am not a perv!! I am just...merely stating a fact! It is good to be an attentive observer!

Ending Song
"Moment" by Tribal Chair
More open-shirt T-Tokuchiii... ha, haa... It also has a shot of I.Zumi shoes. A play on the Izumi brand? Takami wears that style of I.Zumi shoes..I wonder if they are his... nnnn..gahh....Ok! I admit it my observations are bordering to he level of obsession! But is that so strange, to study the shoes of a character you like!


Waaaaaatch Onnnee Ouuutttsssssss..... Yooou caaan viiieewww iittt onnnn veeeeeooohh orrr cruunnncchhyyyroolllll ooorrr annnyyywwhhheeerrreeee... Juuussttt dooo iiittt aaannddd wweeee caaannn haaavvee aammmaazzinnngg Taaakkaattookkuuu cooonnveerrrsaaatttiioonnss..... Just watch it! The popularity of this show is going to sky-rocket, so might as well join in early! :D

This marks the end of the first "Series Feature" by Kagami! See you again for the next one!

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perceptivechaos Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2012  Student General Artist
Tokuchiiiii<3 I actually don't really think Takami was all that cute :shrug: I actually found him kinda ugly to be honest xD
yukiiri Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2011  Student
I JUST finished watching the series! OOMMMGGG TOKUCHIIIIIFFFFFFFF Y U SO HAWT*m*:heart::heart::heart: No season 2?><

I have a feeling imma re-watch this again in the summer :iconimhappyplz:
/sigghhh I don't see many delicious fanarts thoughTAT
diannechizen Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2009
hey there!~ you're reading the raw manga of oo? where did you get it! please?! thanks!! i love your review.. especially the music thing.. i was LOLing when i read it^^
kagami222 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2009  Student Filmographer
noted you. :)
bunnbunn Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2009
WHAAAAT TAKAMI MUST SHOW UP IN THE SERIES AGAIN HE MUST ALKSHFDGLK maybe they'll do special mind fu*k training after hours. In the rain.

HAHA, I couldn't tell what this: "Hay, Eetzookey!" was at first ><

I remember the Fingers team because one of the batters looked like this guy from ES21 XD (kinda like Hibari).

That naming thing is a pretty serious problem, you should show that to other fans. :|

Oh, I noticed the knife thing too. Or rather,I expected to see a knife but saw nothing and thought I was insane @_@

"Tokuchi doesn't wear underwear." XD I didn't think about it that way?!
kagami222 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2009  Student Filmographer
Well, the series is only going to be 25 episodes long... not to mention they have so many other teams to play off again... ;A;
Lawl at "in the rain". It sounded so..suggestive until I remembered "Oh yeah, they did play in the rain. XD For a long time too!" The pearly drops glistening-*hit again* Yeah, I'll leave the fanfiction to you :worship:
If only I drew fast, I'd totally throw out another dojinshi...:dead:

:XD: You relate so much of the series to E21. XDD I should catch up too! I'm sooo behind... I heard the animation wasn't very good. D: I only watched 1 episode of the anime so I can't tell yet...

bunnbunn Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2009
It wouldn't be RIGHT if they didn't! I need to read the manga then, where do you read it? It's not on onemanga.
'The pearly drops glistening-' oh my, so many contexts. XD
Doujinshiii XD do you have any ideas?

Haha, do I? ^^;
The anime wasn't very good, compared to the manga a least. I mean, I thought it was funny and enjoyed watching it and all but I still read the manga and found that the manga is funnier and doesn't stop before the Christmas Bowl XD. But there was this one episode that made me fall for a certain pairing, and then I found out that part wasn't in the manga X_X but I can't let it goooo, ahhhh, ryeeee?!

OMG fail. And such a wtf fail, seriously, what WAS I thinking?
kagami222 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2009  Student Filmographer
Ah..! I found links to all of the volumes somewhere (lost it, OTL) but they're all in Japanese and I haven't read them all yet. Although I do think the One Outs group on LJ is slowly translating it chapter by chapter..?
No ideas now, but it'll be easy to whip one out... 8'DDD BUT I WON'T. NO DISTRACTIONS NOW!!!

Ah...then...I shall read the manga! (well, higher priority than anime at least) Do you mean none of the characters in that pairing were in the manga? D8

Ouch, that was uncalled for. :XD:
bunnbunn Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2009
XD I'm going to go look on lj then.

No, there was this one episode in the anime where two of the characters teamed up to form this super defensive linebacker combo to help Sena practice. And since they had this shared interest/significance in something before hand that I do not want to spoil for you I thought it was like MEANT TO BE. But their teaming up combo is not in the manga. :| though, everything else about them stays the same.

...It is for Takami, y/y?
kagami222 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2009  Student Filmographer

.....and...n/n/n/n/n/n/n please....
AnhDang Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2008  Student General Artist
Poor Benny. They gave him a toupee. D:
kagami222 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2009  Student Filmographer
Mekimek Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2008
:0 He doesn't wear... underwear. Arara~
kagami222 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2009  Student Filmographer
ichigo-love Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2008
The guys are hot O_O;;;
kagami222 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2009  Student Filmographer

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