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Journal Entry: Sun Feb 22, 2009, 12:30 PM


It's almost here!

Urfg, I told myself I wouldn't do kiriban anymore, but what the heck. :XD: Since I accidentally missed 2759 and 5927, now the next kiriban is 27590! (lawd, TsunaGokuLeo*shot*)

If you catch it, please screencap your ENTIRE page including the time on your clock so that I know you didn' the numbers or something

And here's a helpful hint too!
I usually get about 50 pageviews a day, so you can use that to calculate your chances on when's the best time to catch it :iconhurrplz: I'm so nice.

First person or people who catch it get a sketch, or maybe more depending on my work load at that time. Unless like 10 people get it, then I'll just probably take the first 3.

Oh yeah, and note me with the picture of the screencap. <- important,haha.

Happy Hunting!

Regarding Computer

Thank you for all the helpful tips and concerns on my last journal, especially by Diangos! I've been meaning to give my computer a good bath this weekend, but unexpectedly,hooray! my teacher assigned me a big fat old essay, so I probably won't have time to do the surgery until Tuesday or Wednesday. I also read somewhere that washing it with tap water was harmful because of all the minerals, so I need to go out some time to buy some deionized water.

As of right now, it's still behaving the same as ever, meaning my eyesight is about to go blind from trying to type this journal on a dark screen. But perseverance!

I'm doing busy-time

Right now I have barricaded myself in the library since I know I can't concentrate in my room. The library is open 24 hrs today, so I'll be staying in this place however long until I finish! It's my punishment for getting distracted yesterday!

Last night I ended up goofing off in the afternoon and night, so I punished myself by working in the near-freezing laundry room outside. I'm amazed how many students do their laundry at 4:30 AM...haha.... :dead: But in the end, all I got down were notes and ideas.

Why am I so concerned over one tiny essay? It's because it's worth 40% of my grade! And this teacher is one of those frightening ones, that "If you do *insertamazingthesis*, I hope you'll be satisfied with a C!" So far I've been reading book after book after book on political theory and philosophy. It would be fun if...I wasn't on a time-constraint!!!!


BTW, if you ever have to read the Leviathan, or Two Treatises, or the Social Contract, I highly suggest that you read those first and then read The Social Contract Theorists: Critical Essays on Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau by Christopher Morris. IT'S SUCH AN INTENSE BOOK, IT'LL MAKE YOU REALIZE THAT YOU SPENT THE PAST 100 HOURS READING NOTHING BUT RIDICULOUS CONTRADICTORY CRAP. 8DDDDD

Ugg. My head. I also have to finish reading the Communist Manifesto by today too. I hope that one's fun.

Last Night:

  • Listening to: THE SOVEREIGN
  • Watching: THE GENERAL WILL
  • Eating: DESPOTISM
  • Drinking: FORCE
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johwa Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2009
bunnbunn Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2009
YAY, your laptop will be okay!

Haha, I went to check how many you have now, so in like eight days time it should be around there. Or nine, idk. xD

X_X your essay sounds very EXTREME. FIGHTO! I mean you seem to have done enogh research on it, right? :D Usually when I start to think everything is contradictory and the world is doomed forever because nothing works then I think I get it well enough to write a paper. @_@

I actually looked through the Commie Manifesto before, it seems really idealistic :\ it could work if only people weren't so mess. But we are. XD

The laundry room here is also one of the entrances to the boy's bathroom, so it's kind of awkward staying there for me X_X But notes and ideas are a start, yes?!
kagami222 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2009  Student Filmographer
WILL IT? (gawd, laptop fizzled out on me again today, I was so scared...)

My entire essay is contradictory. Oh well.

COMMUNIST MANIFESTO IS BEST READ (we done so far). Man, it was so short compared to the other stuff we had to read! Only like 50 pg... It was pretty funny in some parts too, like when Marx&Engels went all sarcastic about Conservative/Bourgeois socialism. "It is summed up in the phrase: the bourgeois is a bourgeois--for the benefit of the working class." Pfft.

So the boys have to go through the laundry room to pee? Is that like a constant reminder for them to wash their clothes? XD
bunnbunn Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2009
><;;; that sounds so HORRID...fizzled *shudders*

That means you presented multiple POV, no?

XD wat, that is so overtly mocking, how did they get away with that?!
Oh wait, they didn't.

LOL I never thought of it that way, could be. XD
johwa Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2009
HAHA I FUCKING LOVE YOU :iconhappylightplz:

But really, good luck on your essay, I KNOW YOU CAN MAKE IT. Libraries are meant to...induce studying...I suppose.

Maybe people just like the smell of fresh laundry when they wake up so they do it at 4:30 in the morning...? or they think the laundry room would be empty then so they all go there assuming it will be XD
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