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If you're on twitter and want up-to-the-minute access to my random thoughts or professional news, follow me, @TheWaywardGeo on twitter!

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In case you haven't seen the announcements elsewhere, the Kickstarter campaign for my novel, The Wayward Astronomer is now live!


I cannot express properly how much this project means to me. This book is my life. Please consider backing the project, or at the very least, spreading the word to people you think may be interested. You will have my undying gratitude!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

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Hi everyone,

In the next couple of days I will be leaving my apartment in California and moving to Midland, Texas as part of my company's relocation. 

I'm not a native Californian. In fact, like most people at XCOR, I'm an import. I was born in Connecticut, grew up in Rhode Island, went to college in Florida, and I've spent the first 5 years of my professional career in California. Admittedly, I have mixed feelings about leaving. Over the past few years I've grown comfortable with the setting, and it's been great to visit amazing places like Yosemite, San Francisco, and San Diego. I've swam in the Pacific Ocean, climbed mountains, hiked trails, and motorcycled through canyons. I've found loves and lost loves. I've grown, physically, personally and professionally.

I won't miss the local politics or the drought, but I will cherish the memories I've made here. I will build new memories in my new home, and I will remember the events that brought me to where I am. 

Who knows how long I will call Texas my home, or where I will travel to next, but I am thankful for all the opportunities and blessings I have been given. While I'm reflecting on everything, I just want to give everyone here on dA my sincere thanks for sharing their work with me, for reading my story, and for helping make life great. I love you all. 


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Hi everyone!

2014 has been one hell of a year, but the good news is I survived it and I'm looking forward to ending this year right and starting the new one with a bang. After going home to visit my family in RI for Christmas, I'm starting 2015 with a two-week solo motorcycle tour of New Zealand. 

If anyone is interested in following along in my upcoming journey, I've created a little wordpress blog where I'll be posting to as the trip goes on. You can find it here: adventuresofgeo.wordpress.com/

I'm very much looking forward to the trip. I really need some time to get away, clear my mind, and enjoy my own adventure with a minimum of scripting and planned distractions. It will just be me, a BMW GS650, and an ending destination for each day. I expect to meet a lot of great people, see some fantastic sights, and hopefully not go down the wrong side of the road and crash into a ravine.

Looking back on 2014, I feel like I've learned a lot. I've accomplished a lot professionally, made decent headway on my book, and grown a bit as a person. I found a great girl who I dated for a while, and though we eventually did part ways, I think we both gained a friend in each other. It's funny, how different people come into our lives when we least expect it. You could spend your whole life looking for love, only to finally realize that it comes to us unbidden, of its own accord. Though sometimes things may end, I'm still left with a young lifetime of fond memories with people I held close, and that isn't a bad thing at all.

I cannot express how happy I have been to receive great feedback and support from people here on dA as I slowly post each chapter in The Wayward Astronomer. I know it's been a long road, and I'm still not at the finish line yet, but it's in sight. I cannot wait to share with everyone the ending I've had trapped in my head for so long. Without the encouragement of others, most of you who I have never met, I may not have had the courage to carry things forward this far. Thank you. 

I hope each and every one of you who reads this has also had a great 2014, with plenty of things to be grateful for, and even better things on the horizon in 2015. Until next time, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Godspeed.

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Hi everyone,

Sorry for dropping off the face of the internet for a while, but it's been a very hectic summer for me, filled with good and not quite so good things. 

The not quite so good things: I broke my finger by forgetting how to shut my car door without my hand still inside, and work has been really really busy and draining for me. The finger is healing nicely, work is still pretty damn busy, but I'm doing ok. 

The good news is I've made new friends over the summer, and all in all been surviving the journey. 

I know I talked a big talk about working quickly on my story, but yeah, it's been harder than not to move forward. Not because I don't know where to go, but just that my prime writing time is late at night, and I've been too exhausted to really ever settle into a late night of writing. Fear not, though. I haven't forgotten it, and Chapter 15 should be on the way soon. Elson Wong, aka Darkspeeds here on dA has very very graciously volunteered to make a graphic novel rendition of Chapter 9 of TWA (he also did the "cover art" for the same chapter). Nothing posted yet at the time of this writing, but you should all check out his work because he's an immensely talented artist, and just a great chap all around. 

You can check out his stuff here: :icondarkspeeds:

On the DreamKeepers group front, you should expect an announcement soon on a new Caption Contest! It will be a fun and accessible contest to tide everyone over until the traditional Halloween fan-art contest. Stay tuned!

I apologize to everyone who I've sort of left hanging with my radio silence. I'm not dead, just busy. I will try to do better about staying on top of all my messages moving forward. 
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