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Wayward Astronomer Kickstarter Art Print

This artwork was created by David Lillie of :icondreamkeepers: as a backer reward for the Kickstarter campaign going on now:…

This print will be printed, signed, and sent to all backers of Tier #4 or higher, so please consider backing the campaign at at least that level to bring this epic artwork into your own home! This piece is a thematic montage of what The Wayward Astronomer is, featuring all the major characters, plot elements, and themes. You can read the 1st draft of the story here on my deviantart account if you want to learn more:…
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© 2016 - 2021 Kafelnikov
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Blirtt's avatar
wait... is that the fruit stripe gum zebra? oh wait... got it backwards nvm
Vermin-Star's avatar
stunning! Great composition <3
HazzardousEco's avatar
Lovely draw =)

I also love the inverted yin-yang reference with Hal and Marcus =)
Kafelnikov's avatar
Noticed that, did you? Good work!
glider4's avatar
Shambleshambles's avatar
Dang, love those troopers in the background. It's like I can almost hear them marching.
Lord-Kiyo's avatar
Its beutifule work.  But why they fighting over a lightsaber?
Kafelnikov's avatar
They're actually fighting over a meteorite. It has the ability to amplify the power of any Dreamkeeper that has it.
Lord-Kiyo's avatar
By how much?  I wonder what would happen if my dreamkeeper Kyle had it, since he can only use his power a few times.
Kafelnikov's avatar
It depends on how big the meteor fragment is that you're holding, anywhere from a couple percent to well over 10x amplification. Read the story to learn more!
HazzardousEco's avatar
You know what I just realized Kafel? When I was writing my short fanfic last year for the Halloween contest, I might have borrowed your meteor idea without realizing it lol XD
Kafelnikov's avatar
Symbols are universal. We do not think about them but we place them everywhere subconsciously. I'm not surprised!
Quad-Pulsation's avatar
This kind of reminds me of the dialogue by Karl Schafer in Uncharted 2 about the Cintamani Stone. Having a fragment of the stone can bestow great power, but having the stone itself could make a man invincible.
Lord-Kiyo's avatar
Okay, Thanks :D  I will have to look into it :D
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