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The Beauty of Speed - Colored

Original lineart by :icondreamkeepers: done as a sketch commission from Anthrocon 2016

Coloring, shading and background done by :iconstratica:

Thanks for really bringing this awesome original artwork to life!
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Thank you very much! The original artist is :icondreamkeepers: and he makes a really awesome comic called Dreamkeepers if you ever wanted to check out more of his work.
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This is so bad... I can't help but love it
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More awesome work by both Dave and Stratica! Excellent!
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Oh! Green looks fantastic on her,brings out her effervescent nature! Such a fantastic coloring job honestly,something tells me this made your day! Kudos to Stratica. :)
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I don't know where you're seeing Green! She's wearing black and pink and the sunset is yellow/orange
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Whoopsies! If it's worth any consolation my sense of color is a little hit/miss when there's colorful shading thrown in the mix honestly, you wouldn't believe how long I thought Vi's eyes were forest green for example! Not to mention me thinking Mace's jacket was green too(I like the actual brown it is too like the Troika jackets since it's akin to a pilot jacket from WW2 and I love history quite a bit) and still color it that way despite knowing better such as the mini I painted. I guess it's just a color I like to see whether it's genuine or perceived,haha......
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