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Big Bang Theory girls

By kaeveris
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Bernadette, Penny and Amy - from The Big Bang Theory series!


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Thanks ^^ I love the series :D
ics142857's avatar
Aaaannnnd Priya is left out again.
kaeveris's avatar
Yeah, I kinda forgot about her ^^'
julyrains's avatar
So cuuute! Very neatly and nicely done. No one draws Penny's posse much. And I'm a huge Bernadette fan, so this is a great treat :)
kaeveris's avatar
Thank you, I'm so glad you liked it! I'm a huge fan of Bernadette myself, I think she's the cutest babe in series, lol :D
Cereal-97's avatar
i love it.u worked really hard on it.u should be proud.
kaeveris's avatar
I'm so happy you think so ^^ Thanks! :star:
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meteoric-iron's avatar
They look so much like themselves !! Love it xD
kaeveris's avatar
Hehe, thaaaanks so much :D I've looked through all the pictures of them I could found :D
rubyanjel's avatar
Lol @ Amy!!!
This is awesome!
kaeveris's avatar
Thank so so so so much! :heart: I absolutely love Amy and I wanted to make her as similar as I could ^^
kahh-poww's avatar
Haha, this is great, youve got their expressions exactly - even Peeny awkwardly chilling in the middle. I love Amy's creepy obsession with her, it makes me laugh so much :P
Great work!
kaeveris's avatar
Heheh, thaaaanks ^^ Yeah, I wanted to catch that expression of Penny ;) I love Amy's obsession as well and all those moments she made Penny feel creepy are some of the bests moments of the series :)
kahh-poww's avatar
Yea, It's just when Bernadette is getting married and she keeps making reference to how beautiful Penny is. Awkward much.
And you caught them perfectly! Congrats :highfive:
kaeveris's avatar
I like the awkwardness between the girl in this series ;) Thank you once again! :heart:
EchoWing's avatar
You made them all look pretty good. Normally they're more adorable than hot as a group. :-)
kaeveris's avatar
Thank you so much! :love: :heart:
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