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For those who wish to order customs from me, just check out the information below and follow the rules.
Customs will not be started until I receive the payment.
 pts = Points 

Original Species Customs
Buggles - 100pts | $2
Chomper Snaps - 100pts | $2
Jelly Dragons - 100pts | $2
Leaflets - 100pts | $2

Shadow Walker Customs
Newborn - 100pts | $2
Baby - 100pts | $2
Adult - 100pts | $2
All Ages - 400pts | $5

Other Species Customs
Chibi Bats - 20pts
Chibi Cats - 50pts
Chibi Dogs - 50pts
Chibi Foxes - 50pts
Chibi Ponies - 100pts+
Shire Ponies - 100pts | $2
Skull Fuzzies - 50pts

Click the type of custom to see examples!

Click Here for All the Bases I Can Use!

Please fill out the form below and comment with it on this journal!
Species Wanted: [Any of the species listed]
Base Colour: [You can place a URL here]
Marking Colour: [You can place a URL here]
Hair Colour: [If it has hair]
Eye Colour: [If it has eyes]
Extra Features: (Ex. Extra tails) [Will cost +10pts per extra]

Custom Slots:
I only have 5 slots so I don't get too swamped...

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Species Wanted: Adult Shadow Walker
Base Colour: A dark grey
Marking Colour: surprise me
Hair Colour: I don't think they have hair? If the do surprise me
Eye Colour: surprise me
Extra Features: Uhmmm make it female? lol
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Shadow walkers all have the black base coat, a lighter colour is a really rare feature. 
They also don't really have eye colours. (The form is just a generalized one)
Really the markings/marking colours are what count so are you just asking for a "surprise me" Shadow Walker? xD
Females also aren't any different than males.
I can still do it though~
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lol yeah just female and a full surprise me haha XD
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Alrighty! That'll be 100:points: and I'll get started after you send the payment~
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Species Wanted: Chomper Snap (Pony)
Base Color: Color 5 
Hair Color: Color 3 
Markings Colors: Color 2 
Eye Color: Color 6 
Accessories: N/A
Extra Features: Long tail that plant comes out of, mane is long and wavy with one side being longer than the other. 
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What kind of markings would you like? 
And for paypal you may send payment here :D
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Okie Dokie! 
I'll start once the payment is sent~
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Weird question but would you do Kawamii customs?
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Kwami's are actually under my Commissions!
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Ah, perfect! I have three to design and zero idea how to XD thank you!
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I'd be more than happy to make them for you! ^u ^
dreamWeaver1521's avatar
'Kk have to get more points since I only have 200 eighth at this moment XD

One is mine and two are for my nieces
Kaerralind's avatar
What kind of creatures am I going to be working with? That way I know what I'm getting myself into. > u <;
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omg, so I have an idea for Hedgehog, and Zebra won't be too terribly difficult for me, but the flamingo is definitely going to give me some trouble. XD
But I can manage! I'm eager to see how these turn out. 
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For the leaflet custom:

Base color: a light tan-brown
Marking color: brown
Hair color: none
Eye color: dark brown
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OKie Dokie! Send the points and I'll get started!
Also Leaflets don't really open their eyes so eye colour doesn't have an effect.

Any marking preference?
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Alrighty then! ^u^
I'll have it up shortly.
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Species Wanted: Shadow Walker baby
Base Colour: unsaturated black
Marking Colour:… and maybe some really light blue almost white as some accents
Hair Colour: N o pe
Eye Colour: None
Accessories: Idk maybe like a cool necklace thing. Up to you
Extra Features: Nah
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