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Karina Gyldenkaerne
Current Residence: West of Copenhagen, Denmark
Here is a list of free Star Wars figure/ Props found so far (with lots of help from people on the DAZ forum): FWHS Designs - Lego Figures and Props (Jar Jar,  Fett,  Darth Vader,  Obi Wan,  Trooper,  2 Trooper helmets and Landspeeder),  Dewback,  Pit Droid,  Biker Scout,  John Malis's C3PO,  udated C3PO (now CR2),  Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade,  Jabba's Sail Barge and Skiff,  Millenium Falcon,  Luke Skywalker Bespin outfit for David,  Concept Jedi StarFighter,  V-Wing,  Jabba's Throne and Throne Room (by Xantor) Vanishing Point - A'Sharad Hett's Lightsaber (by Dodger),  AT-AT (Imperial Walker), AT-ST (Scout Walker),  B-Wing Fighter, B-Wing Textures, Blockade Runner, Boba Fett's Blaster (by Dodger), Captain Panaka's Blaster (by Dodger), Chewbacca's Bowcaster (by Dodger), Darth Maul/ Qui-Gon Lightsabers (by Dodger), Darth Tyrannus' Lightsaber (by Dodger), Darth Vader armor for M3, Darth Vader's Lightsaber (by Dodger), Darth Vader`s TIE Fighter, Death Star (for Poser), Executor (Super Star Destroyer), Han Solo's Blaster (by Dodger), Imperial Blaster (by Dodger), Imperial Shuttle (Lambda Class), Jabba`s Barracks, Jabba`s Fat Tower, Jabba`s Outpost Tower, Jabba`s Palace, Jabba`s Tower, Jango Fett's Blaster (by Dodger), KOTOR Sith Fighter, Landspeeder, Landspeeder Texture, Luke BjornloSkywalker's Lightsaber (by Dodger), Mace Windu's Lightsaber Collection (by Dodger), Obi Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber (by ?Dodger), Oola (by PhilC), Oola Poses, Princess Leia (Slave Outfit) (by PhilC), Princess Leia (Slave Outfit) Poses, R2 Astromech [urlDroids, R3 Astromech Droids, R4 Astromech Droids, R5 Astromech Droids, R6 Astromech Droids, R7 Astromech Droids, Rancor, Rebel Blaster (by Dodger), Ryoko's Lightsaber (by Dodger), Snowspeeder, Speeder, Standard Issue Lightsabers (by Dodger), Star Destroyer, Star Wars Stormtrooper, Stormtrooper Clean Textures, Stormtrooper Dirty Textures, TIE Fighter, TIE Interceptor, Ultimate Lightsaber Set (by Dodger), Wall Panel (by Dodger), X-Wing Fighter, X-Wing Texture, Yoda's Lightsaber (by Dodger),  'Veeple: Troopers',  Veeple Vader &nbs… Menagerie  - "Very Tall Guy in Yak Suit" Aka a wookie… IG-88,  EG-6,  Jawa,  Lindroid,  Another Stormtrooper ?… - Boba Fett… Kaminoan (under figures),  Tie Pilot (under Equipment) &n… Jedi Training Drone,  Falcon Interior… - Darth Maul Complete,  Darth Maul for M3… klforbes - ROTJ Luke Skywalker's LightSaber … The Lekku Package… - Evil Master for M3 Wizard Robe,  Galactic Swords,  Evil Apprentice for m3/d3 tunic pack,  Galactic Guardian masculine(3 sets),  and Galactic Guardian (female),  ?Galactic Swords - Duplicate Wars… - leia head morph v4.2,  Han Solo M3 and M4 Head Morph,  Luke M4 head morph … Sith Files (V4-textures for the character Darth Maul and Darth Talon)… - Darth Vexis Tattoos (found from Rosity)… - Rebel Fleet Troop Helmet and Rebel Fleet Troop Blaster… - Tie Fighter and X-Wing… - Another Light Saber … - Has several sci-fi items that can be related to Star Wars,  including a few light sabers and helmets &nb… Gladiators - (site requires registration and x number of posts before you can download) Yoda,  Darth Vader,  Stormtrooper,  Sandtrooper,  R5-D4,  R2-D2,  Quigon,  Darth Maul,  Lindroid,  Leia Dress,  Jawa,  Jar Jar Binks,  IG-88,  EG-6 - ?Most of the these figures can be found on other sites… - Twi'lek Headpeice fit for V4,  Twi'lek Headpeice for A4,  Twi'lek Headpeice fit Girl 4… -Skywalker EBS Bespin Suit for M4,  Han Solo Gun Belt,  ESB SKYWALKER Gunbelt,  DL-44 Blaster Lightsaber,  X- Wing fighter Pilot Suit for M4… Monster's Nest ? ? Jedi Robes for Mike 1 and Mike 2… Aka wartimethingscom Sandcrawler ,  Sandperson Gaffi Stick and Holographic Projection Pod … Sith Holocron… - CARBONITE encased figure… Cola - A Vader helmet and Rebel Fighter Helmet (don't know how I missed these)… Demon - Darth Aesthetica Sith Saber… - probe droid,  and other sci fi related props … - Lythas' Mando Pack Bundle, Nerfherder For L75 M4-H4 Captain Rebel
  • Listening to: Max Rebo Band
  • Reading: Aurebesh dictionary
  • Watching: The Galactic News Network
  • Playing: Wookiee Warpath
  • Eating: Bantha burger
  • Drinking: Jawa beer


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You're welcome to check out more of my work if you like or if you're an avid art lover like me you can take a peek at all the art features I make to showcase other artists' art. In fact, let me share one beautiful piece from my favourites, hoping it will appeal to you and brighten your day :aww:
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