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By Kaeltyk
This one make me think of the multiverse theory...

Raw Apophysis flame, Tweek from parameters found on [link]
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All I have to say is wow.

Also, can I use this image? I wanted to write a story on Wattpad about time travel, alternate universes, and stuff like that. I think this could make a good cover.
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Before String Theory came around, Math, Quantum Physics and Relativity predicted a multiverse which was first pointed out by Erwin Schrodinger during a lecture in Dublin which took place in the year 1952.
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It also serves as a loophole to the problems with backwards time travel unless you somehow became a cosmic entity that could channel enough energy from the zero-point vacuum(modern version of the Eric P. Dollard and Tesla Aether) to make faster than light travel or did that to generate tachyons as you generated a wormhole to assimilate them into which is technically what the Back to the Future DeLorean did with the Flux Capacitor.. 
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I've been looking for a picture that describes our multiverse, this is the closest one so far, thank you.
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There is no human that could not love this. I hope you gave yourself a pat on the back for this...
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Impressive work. :nod:
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Thanks. The original work was impressive too, I do not reclaim the whole creation of this. But it's nice :D
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Awesome! A great fitting title for a fabulous fractal! :+fav:
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Very suggestive of your theory as you say! Wonderful ethereal effects and colors too!
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ooooo :D O.O i like this how did you happen to do that?
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It's not really me but the original flame was pretty, I just tweaked it. I just can't remember exactly which post contains the parameter ;)
I like this, its badass.
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