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Update: RMSkin (20 November 10)

I've coverted the package to the ".rmskin" format, which makes it quick and easy to install new skins in the latest version of Rainmeter.


I am a longtime fan of AKH's Simplicity. The config is still among the top-ten most popular Rainmeter downloads, and is of some historical significance for Rainmeter, being one of the first "suite"-class packages, with multiple skin variants, its own sidebars and borders, and even rudimentary support for varying resolutions. Enigma owes much to Simplicity's design philosophy.

AKH, who had no concrete plans to continue working on Simplicity, has kindly granted me permission to update the skin for Rainmeter 1.1. I have not only rewitten the entire skin line-by-line, but taken advantage of some cutting-edge features from the most recent Rainmeter beta builds. Of course, if he wants his baby back in the future, I'll be happy to let him take over again. In the meantime, I hope I've done justice to a much-loved skin of the past while bringing it into the modern age.

Among other additions, Simplicity 2 has integrated the much-beloved chip clock by Leuchtstoff.

Please see this post if you're interested in the new Rainmeter functions introduced here.

Wallpaper is included. :)
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