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By Kaelri

Sepia is a simple skin that shows a live-updating display of any plaintext log. Great for keeping an eye on chat clients like Trillian and mIRC, or Rainmeter's own debug file. The skin will automatically adjust to the width of your desktop work area. Colors, fonts, body & border dimensions, number of lines and scroll direction are all adjustable with user variables. (I may add a proper config skin in a later update, along with some other bells and whistles.)

Be aware of a small glitch: files with fewer than the defined number of lines won't display properly. I'll try to get this fixed in an update as well.


Sepia makes use of a custom addon, RainLogger, by Jeff Morley (used with his permission), and the free font Geo Sans Light by Manfred Klein.

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Preview background via !Kobhen.
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Hey, I just found this and think it's fantastic. The only thing I'm not a fan of is I don't want it the full width of my screen... is there a way to modify that?

Also, even after changing the display log file, it's not updating the Rainmeter window/skin display [yes, I tried refreshing & unloading/reloading].
could you please explain to me the exact procedure how to use this skin with trillian?
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Bonsoir Kaelri

C'est avec un grand plaisir de découvrir votre thème, ce que je cherche depuis longtemps et je vous remercie beaucoup d'obtenir votre création que je trouve excellente.
Toutes mes félicitations.

Ayant Rainmeter 3.0, J'ai télécharge votre thème, puis Trillian, et j'ai placé Skype dans Trillian, comme vous l'avez précisé sur vos réponses.
Malheureusement je n'arrive pas à faire fonctionner votre thème.
C'est à dire, utiliser la messagerie du "Sepia" par "Skype dans Trillian", comme vous l'avez suggéré sur vos réponses plus bas.

En ayant suivi vos indications:

J'ai surement fait une mauvaise manupulation.
Pouvez vous mieux m'expliquer comment faire pour faire fonctionner votre thème.

Vous remerciant par avance pour votre soutien.


---Traduction Anglais---

Hi Kaelri

It is a great pleasure to discover your theme, what I am looking for a long time and thank you very much to get your creation I find excellent.

With Rainmeter 3.0, I download your theme, and Trillian, and I put Skype in Trillian, as you said on your answers.
Unfortunately I can not run your theme.
That is, use the messaging "Sepia" by "Skype in Trillian," as you suggested in your answers below.

Having followed your instructions:
% AppData% \ Trillian \ Skype \ Query \ [username]. Log.

I probably made ​​a bad manupulation.
Can you better explain to me how to run your theme.

Thanking you in advance for your support.

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Oh god this fits perfectly to my desktop!!!
thank you so much <3
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I'm getting an AutoIt Error. It says Line-1: Error: Subscript used with non-Array variable.

i'm using Rainmeter 2.1.0 beta rev 838.
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This usually means that the file it's looking for doesn't exist. If you're certain that's not the case, try setting RainLogger.exe to run as an administrator. (I'd also disable UAC for the purposes of debugging, 'cause otherwise you'll get a popup every 10 seconds.)
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Just what i was looking for...actually i have something similar which was created by me for dev. days) but not so good looking and practical. Good job!
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OK. I decided to try and make use of this lovely looking skin, but after both downloading it and saving it to my system and installing it, or just installing straight from DA, it shows it is installing into Rainmeter, but it never appears. I searched for it in the actual Skins folder and it's not there, and through Rainmeters own Skin Browser. I just updated to the latest Rainmeter Beta today.
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I'm already following your thread on the Rainmeter forums.
This looks great! I noticed you only opened a text file (.log actually). But when I seen it I thought it was an IM chat window. Now, if you could make mirror SKYPEs IM message window, I would always minimize SKYPE and look at it's messsages through your beautiful window instead. Ya, I know that would be next to impossible to do without serious programming knowledge, but we can dream, can't we?
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If you use Skype IMs via Trillian, you can do this right now. Just point it to %AppData%\Trillian\SKYPE\Query\[username].log.
i think Trillian has a different location for that now D:
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I don't use Trillian anymore, I moved over to raptr for the additional facebook chat options... will this work for raptr as well? If you don't know, do you think you could take a look sometime?
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At the moment, the skin requires a plain-text file as its source. I've never seen Raptr before, so I have no idea if it provides such a thing, but I'll investigate when I have a chance. :)
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whoa this is pretty cool, would be awesome if you could use this to monitor your recently accessed files on the computer, just like a browser monitors your history
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Hm, might be doable, if I can figure out where Windows stores that information. I'll look into it at a later date.
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cool, no pressure :D
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A fellow Browncoat. Nice.
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It's my modern, Whedon-fanboy-esque substitute for Lorem Ipsum. :)
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