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Update: RMSkin (20 November 10)

I've coverted the package to the ".rmskin" format, which makes it quick and easy to install new skins in the latest version of Rainmeter.


Londonali1010 has kindly given me permission to port her original Conky config to Rainmeter. :)

Rings requires absolutely no setup to use. Just drop it in your Skins folder and go. The skin will be scaled to your screen width automatically (it is particularly suited to smaller screens, like netbooks or Eee PCs). As always, make sure you have the latest Rainmeter build. Rings requires revision 223 or higher.

Rings makes use of the free font Santana by Manfred Klein, which is included here.

Preview background: No, not now by Angelus Hellion, whose textures are sublime.
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which rings tell what stats?
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Is the background included?
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Where's the Skins folder?
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How can I resize please? :)
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lovin it 
two thumbs up
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No such thing as "Army time" slick. It would be "Military time".

Nice skin! Keep them coming!
how would you change it from army time (24 hour time) to the 12 hour am / 12 hour pm. thx for reading
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Find this section in the skin code:

Format="%A, %#d %B %Y"

You can change the "format" option using the codes listed here. :)
The santana font is not working for me even though I have installed it... anyone have any insight? It just says it is unable to load the font.
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"The ring meter makes use of Conky's new Cairo bindings for Lua to draw system stats in rings...This one, from the inside out, shows the space used on the root partition, the battery charge on my netbook, the total CPU% usage and the memory % usage." quoted directly form the original creators site on flicker
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Guys !~~!! i like this very very much but Sorry to say that I dont understand it ... CAn anyone pls tell me what are these circles
How can I do to download it in my rainmeter skins ?
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Muy bueno, gracias
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I asked here, but maybe you check DA more... sorry if this is spam!

Would you be against me releasing (or giving to you to release in this pack) a mini-version of Rings for Rainmeter?
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Cooooool Clock!
if you're interested,heres the substitue line if you'd like to add it as an option in fuure versions.

Substitute="Monday":"Lunes" , "Tuesday":"Martes" , "Wednesday":"Miércoles" , "Thursday":"Jueves" , "Friday":"Viernes" , "Saturday":"Sábado" , "Sunday":"Domingo" , "January":"Enero" , "February":"Febrero" , "March":"Marzo" , "April":"Abril" , "May":"Mayo" , "June":"Junio" , "July":"Julio" , "August":"Agosto" , "September":"Septiembre" , "October":"Octubre" , "November":"Noviembre" , "December":"Diciembre"
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I change the language to Spanish?
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This would be a little complicated, but possible. You would need to add a number of "Substitute" values for each day of the week and month. Rainmeter's manual will tell you more about using Substitute.
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Really nice one!
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Yeah I installed the latest beta and cleaned up my program INI up about 300 MB of stuff and running them all kind of .. fills it up..LOL..glad I got it down to 65 MB..

But yeah.. working great now..
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This would not work on my system.. I keep getting errors stating that various things are not Measures..

First was the Metadata section at the top.. then it refused to load because of the StyleBackgRound section .. that was where I just stopped and shredded it.. using the most recent version of Rainmeter..

Looked like it would be nice though
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You need to download the latest Rainmeter build from the link in the Artist's Comments. It'll work flawlessly after that, I'm sure. :)
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really nice, simple
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