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Enigma for Launchy

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Update: Enigma for Launchy 1.1 (18 November 2010)

This is a long-overdue update to fix the graphic error that this skin causes in more recent versions of Launchy. It should now display perfectly up to version 2.6.

As a "thank you" for your patience, I've added a mirror version of the skin to use on the opposite side of the screen. :)

- - - - - - -

A much-requested accessory to the Enigma suite. It took me a long time just to come up with a good idea for it, but nh0j's recent series of classy desktops gave me the inspiration I needed.

As with just about everything else I make, this skin incorporates an icon from the gorgeous ecqlipse2 set by *chrfb.

This skin will be included as special feature in the upcoming release of Enigma 2.6.
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how to use it
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can you post a rmskin file please

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I am new to rainmeter and i have become a great fan of enigma. i want to use the launchy skin but i dont know how to use it, can u please explain me how to use it... thanks for your wonderful job...
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So cool!!!
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My favorite launchy theme.. Simple yet elegant.. thanks
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Not very useable - more wider will be more useable
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This skin is designed to be minimal and compact. If you prefer something larger and more prominent, there are a number of great skins available, such as RooLa.:)
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Very nice! Thanks.
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~Ssonicblue is right. All you have to do is edit background.png and move the bar down a few pixels. Here's the fixed skin. (Kaelri please don't get mad at me for editing it!!)
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You can fix the red-line problem by editing background.png, in Launchy\skins\Enigma\, so that the red border on the top matches the red border on the bottom. I kept the left and right ones the same.
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Red line here too.
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Getting a red line through the middle of the skin. Launchy 2.5
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adni18Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very beautiful! :thumbsup:
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got the same problem
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AxleHelios Photographer
Ever since Launchy's last update, there's been a bright red bar in the lower half of the skin. I tried re-installing it, but that didn't help. Any idea what's going on, and how to fix it?
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Perfect skin! You should try to do one without the shadow though!
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thanks for this :)
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How might I install/use this?
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It's no different from any Launchy skin. Download the ZIP and extract the folder it contains to your Program Files\Launchy\Skins directory.
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It's great.
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you must be some kind of psychic because i was just planning to make a skin for it !
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Hope you create sumthin' like this that is compatible for "Executor" Launcher… :love: it…
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I have no experience with Executor, I'm afraid, but I could look into it.
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