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November 1, 2020
Arcs by Kaelri
Featured by spiraloso
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Update: Arcs 1.2 (14 August 2011)

Just a small update. I've cleaned up the skin code, so it's a few hundred lines shorter. I also made it much easier to edit the variables for colors, drive letters and network speeds.

I also updated the progress bar to use the new NowPlaying plugin, instead of the old iTunes plugin. See here for a list of supported players and corresponding settings.

- - - - - - -

Update: RMSkin (20 November 10)

I've coverted the package to the ".rmskin" format, which makes it quick and easy to install new skins in the latest version of Rainmeter.

- - - - - - -

Update: Dark Arcs (20 August 09)

After many requests, it's my pleasure to announce the following additions to Arcs:

- A "Dark" variant, with inverted colors for use on brighter screens.
- The colors in the actual code are now labeled, so they'll be easier for others to edit.
- The Song Progress bar has been re-added to the Rainmeter version, using iTunes.
- Not really an update to Arcs, per se, but the new Rainmeter 1.0 features much-improved anti-aliasing, so those jagged inner edges you used to see in 0.14 are gone. The preview screenshot has been updated accordingly (it's been bothering me for ages).

- - - - - - -

Originally inspired by tok2's Circle. Thanks almost entirely to the efforts of onewithnopaper, "Arcs" has been translated from my original Samurize config into Rainmeter. As I predicted, it's a little rough around the edges - no one's fault, just an inevitable result of Rainmeter's inferior rendering. But it's completely functional.

Onewithnopaper really deserves the credit for this one. I was planning to spend this afternoon on the project; you can imagine my surprise when this showed up in an email.

Arcs will also be included as a bonus feature in the upcoming update to Enigma.

The original Samurize configs are included in this package.
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I loved this clock skin. I'm also a Rainmeter fan. Therefore, if you have permission, I would like to post this skin on my site at

EnchantedLamb's avatar

Cant find wallpaper

any help ? its my first install so im pretty sure I missed something :)

thank u

theglobemasters's avatar
This is a very Clean Setup, Appreciate if you could please share the wallpapers please, Thanks.
FuadSaurav's avatar
hay need a serious help, how can i make bold those minute, hour & second hand ???
where to look for those code ??
FuadSaurav's avatar
oh, glad i got it....
AeliosZero's avatar
How do I make the widget time update every half second?
how to change colours
jcvorsteh's avatar
I love it.Your work is really awesome..Thanks!
VirgilBush1's avatar
Amymoreno's avatar
Does anyone know how to make the little dot in the middle invisible? Thanks
TehEngineer's avatar
I cant seem to figure this out, but, how would I increase the refresh rate of the widget? It updates once a second right now, but I'd prefer that it runs at 30 fps or so.
Right click the widget, and select edit skin. under the [Rainmeter] section add this: Update=25
AeliosZero's avatar
Thasnkyou so much for this reply!
this... is... AWESOME!!!!!!
is there a "guide" that says which arc is what? :)
im namely interested in the fattest outermost bar
how to download
aeropayman's avatar
how to change the size?
HeroForge's avatar
I really like this idea, having a lot of information compressed into a set of arcs and circles.

I have a question, something specific to my set-up (though I'm sure others have something like this): My desktop is currently set to rotate through about a dozen different backgrounds, about once every 20 minutes. All of my backgrounds have a very prominent circle in or near the center, but they're not all in the same location.

Is it possible to rig this skin so that it moves to the center of the background's circle? Perhaps it could be given a list of the files in use, and assign an X/Y location based on whichever image is active.

Doable? Or am I dreaming?
chikkoh's avatar
can i re-size this? :3
eddiket's avatar
Thanks, nice work
...just one thing iTunes ? really ? gah !!
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