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Pray for Japan

Pray for Japan.

FellAwareness Project - Japan Earthquake/Tsunami

Make a donation through Paypal

or American Red Cross

inspired by [link]
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I wish I could volunteer... I want to help people.
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Wonderful piece of artwork, I thought that it was a photography from looking at the thumbnail.
My prayers and thought goes out to the victim and families affected by that disaster.
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Hello my Artist friend! I have a good news! The Project is finnish! You can see this of Youtube! Thank you so much, for you help! 
I hope you like it!…
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Thank you so much Love 
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Thank you so much! Thank you my friend, for you help! This will be our sign! So we reach the people! Thank you!
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From one artist to another: Please read my message until the end. I would like to ask something of you. You drew a picture in regards to "Japan 2011-03-11". I would linke to use your piece of art for my project. I started this project on facebook, you will find it under Pray & Remember 2011-03-11 or follow the link. I don't want that catastrophe to be forgotten. Too many Japanese had to give their lives. I want to show them respect - the dead as well as the survivors. Let us both achieve something. Of course your name will be mentioned - it is your piece of art after all. Even if you do not want to participate in this project I would be more than happy if you had a look at the project. I am thankful for every member. I want to reach out to as many people as possible. I thank you very much for reading until the end. Thank you, my friend.
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You're free to use it, no problem :)
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Really?! Oh my good! Thank you so much! Thank you very very much! You have a big heart! This Project is my Symbol for (Pray & Remember "2011-03-11") I can help Japan. You and Me. Thank you, for your okay! <3
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I remember seeing the this on the news in the United States a day before it was the same date here in America And I had to wait for almost a few months before I could finally finish watching IS Infinite Stratos  Japanese Dubbed and English Subbed
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hi! im japanese

may i put into my blog this picture?


ity my blog
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cool, but the title "Pray for Japan" makes no sense when god did it if it exists, lol.
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Tohoku is the new Hiroshima.
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Wow not sure how I missed this yesterday, but I love this. The one lone crane reminds me of the 1000 cranes wish.
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Hello, im just wondering if you would mind if i put this up on a website i created to help raise awareness for japan?^^
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sure, you can do it :)
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Thank you so much :iconlaplz:
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hell yeah dude that is AMAZING.
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Cool Rendering! Would you be interested in licensing this "Pray for Japan" illustration or any other renderings to our company? If you have other renderings/art/photos (created and originated by you) that you would like to license please create a folder here (or flicker) and i will gladly review them. If you are interested do you have a digital high resolution file of this rendering? Please specify.

Please feel free to check out our website: (copy and paste)
Here is another link to contact us: (copy and paste)

We offer exclusive and non exclusive agreements for art/photography

Thank you,
Ken "East3" Nishimura (Greetings Form Mars)
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