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Material Study

Finally got my hand down to do this lol. Need to improve my understanding of material properties and how to render them. I should learn how to render with less stroke and yet maintain the level of details tho. Oh well just need to do more of this.
Anyway, just a boring stuff from me but thank you very much for viewing.

Photoshop, all painting, no photo texture.
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What brushes did you use?
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Dear, KaelNgu, I've made my own still life, so can you please come over to my page and critique my work, it would be very much appreciated!
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These are great! Did you paint the text in the glass ball or use an image and warp it underneath the glass layer?
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See the face UR profile pic is making, that was me for like two minutes when I saw the picture XD 
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Hello! Hi!
As an admin of :iconthe-artosphere: I'd like to inform you that we believe that this artwork would fit with the subject and the quality to our 'digital' gallery.
Keep up good work and have a nice day w00t!
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wow.  i really thought these were 3d.
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HOLY.... These look so real!! I am very impressed!
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I wonder, how do you approach this? Do you like have this flat circle on the board and you go like "Ok, now I'll do a glass ball" and then paint it? Or do you use photo's of glass-objects and then try to fit it into a spherical shape? Thanks for the answer in advance and the awesome artwork!
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Reference photos of original glass ball on the side for me to study how it works in real life, and then paint it on a flat circle ;)
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are you using a special brush to get the rust on the iron?
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Yeap there is a custom texture brush as a base, and then default brush for all the detailing :)
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you probably don't have any WIPs of this? I would be happy to see your progress on this one (because I'm planning on texture challenge myself)
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Nope I dont save the WIPs since its a small study. Just explore your way and you might find magic :)
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Whoaa... That texture is amazing o_O
Do you just draw the reflections out yourself?
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Hey thanks alot. Yeap they're hand painted, if you see carefully it's actually kinda rough lol. Anyway if you dont mind me asking, where lead you to this artwork? Because I suddenly receive thousands of view today on this particular one.
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A really popular piece, 100 texture studies or something, made it to the front page of the dA page. At the bottom of their description, the artist linked a thumbnail of this piece on there, recommending us to go and look at other artists's work. That's why you've gotten so many views recently. XD
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Ahh I see now, well thank you very much!! :)
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so realistic! especially the stainless steel one and plastic also the rusted iron.
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Hey thanks a lot :)
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You're welcome!
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i really really need to ask! how long does it take for you to complete this ? >_<
and yea these are awesome O_O
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Haha Ellie, thank you. These dont take very long, that is if you capture the colours accurately. Otherwise it could take i dont know lol. About 10-15 minutes for each ball i guess :)
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