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Ebony Jeweled

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Black-stone necklace + the omnibus edition of Anne Bishop's "The Black Jewels Trilogy." It's on the third book because that is when the main character assumes her throne as the Queen of the Darkness.

I'm not sure where I got the idea for this, but I had the necklace and I thought it would be a nice touch with the title of the book as well as the necklace's almost 'royal' look.
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I Looooove this story! Necklace is really beautiful!
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The Black Jewel's Trilogy is my all-time favorite book series. I absolutely love your picture here. Makes me want to break out the series and reread it, again.
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I am most honoured to hear that! Thank you!
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they look beutiful together.........

where did you get tath necles
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Oh gosh, I don't even remember. I bought that necklace years ago.
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amazing i love it ive only read the first one but im dying to read the rest
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you've been featured here: [link]
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Oh my goodness, I'm very shocked to receive this good news. Thank you very much! :)
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your welcome! :)
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oops... :) meant this link: [link] :paranoid:
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Wow, that is brilliant! :clap: I love those books . . .
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ah, the only thing that mande me check your profile was your Devinat Name : )
this is an awesome concept of the ebony should look like ^^

nicely done, dear :D
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It's good to see another BJT fan, and thank you! :)
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That's a perfect shot ^^
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Thanks so much! I'm surprised at how popular this deviation is sometimes. :)
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Thank you very much! Sorry for the late comment. ^^;;
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No problem. I sometimes have a hard time picturing the Jewels since there is no 'offical' rendering from Anne Bishop, only what the artists for the covers create. I assume that Anne gets feedback, but I know that most authors have very little say in what the covers look like in the end.
Everytime i go shopping I am on the look out for necklaces and rings that resemble the Jewels.

I am not sure if you realize but I my Dev name is from Surreal and her Gray Jewel (hence Graysurreal) ;-)

I wish that there was more art for this series. I can't draw, I only write.
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Ah, I see! I hadn't even intended for this necklace to look like the Ebony Jewel; it came with a shirt I bought in China.

I wasn't sure if you got your Deviant name from that or not! Good to meet about fan of the series! :D
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Nice composition. I like it. :)
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Thank you! It was a bit spontaneous.
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very striking :)
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I agree. Looks good. And the angle is a nice touch.
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