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Elsa Glove Designs Outline



So I went ahead and did a rough guesstimate of what I think is all the designs on Elsa's gloves are like.   The small pattern on the edges are located where the front and back side seams of her gloves intersect. (Believe there are only two of these)  The large flower piece on the top is on the middle of her hand.  The larger but simple upside down v with a dot in it is located on the edge of the glove on the front and back sides (I believe there are only two of these as well).  Then finally, the edge of her glove is lined with the little upside down v's with the line shape in them.  I did this design flat but on the actual glove it would curve.  Anyway, hope this helps someone.

Elsa's Gown Designs:   fav.me/d71bk4e
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Hi, do you mind if I use your design to embroider the design on my Elsa costume?