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A poem I failed to write.
I’m not as old as I feel nor as young as I wish
I haven’t succeeded in what I wanted,
Nor have I failed as much as I believe.
I write what I know or what I don’t,
But I can’t draw them and words can fail me.
I wish I could because some things need more than words.
I’ve not touched ideas I loved,
Ideas I’ve hidden and cherished,
Ideas I wished to show the world,
Those that have controlled my every moment,
They’ve kept me awake and bored me to tears,
And I hope one day to visualise them for you all.
I’m going to return one day.
My only hope is that you remember my words,
Or anything about me that strikes a chord with you.
For when all is said and done, that is all we all.
The ripples that we leave in the world,
The stories that we’ve told.
:iconkael-thas-sunstrider:Kael-Thas-Sunstrider 2 1
On this day, at this time,
We take a moment to remember.
To think back on those we have lost,
On the sacrifices they have made.
We remember all of the fallen,
The silent heroes, and the tireless warriors
The men and women who gave their lives;
And those who came back with their memory.
They fought for our families, our friends,
We owe them more than we can give.
They fought and died for our country,
And we give them this moment of time.
The ground is stained with their blood,
And from their blood was born fields of red.
We honour them, and carry the poppy for them.
The lost sons and daughters of Britain.
:iconkael-thas-sunstrider:Kael-Thas-Sunstrider 1 0
Mature content
Torn in two :iconkael-thas-sunstrider:Kael-Thas-Sunstrider 8 19
Mature content
Dark Things. Dark Times. :iconkael-thas-sunstrider:Kael-Thas-Sunstrider 4 0
I pray to thee
I pray to thee
My thoughts may be filled with fear,
Worry for you, and your safety,
But I know you will return from battle,
You will rest your weapons once more.
I kneel here, my heart and soul upon the altar,
My mind open, in total worship,
To give anything to whoever listens,
To make sure you will be ok.
Dearest Athena, I ask this of you;
Protect her with your guiding vision
Give her wisdom of ages past
The skill to find ways unknown
Oh, Lord Hephaestus, I request your aid;
Lend your skill to the artificers of her arms
Work with her in the care of her tools,
Give your blessing to all she uses
To you, Lord Ares, I pledge myself;
Fill her enemies with fear,
Crush their souls in face of her might,
Bring her victory over all who stand against her.
Mother Gaia, hear my plea;
We are but your young children,
Watch over her, as you would any child,
And bring her safe to home once more
Great Lord Zeus, I humbly ask of you;
Protect her heart, keep fear from her,
Strike down those who would do
:iconkael-thas-sunstrider:Kael-Thas-Sunstrider 8 8
When I'm Gone
I listen to the songs in the distance,
The radio plays along to my life,
Tunes to which my soul hums,
And lyrics that pluck at my heartstring.
They remind me of times long ago,
Where Once I asked to be held,
To save me from the hurt,
To know I had a haven from the world.
But that was long ago,
In a different time,
A different place.
There is no haven now.
I don’t know why I’m still here,
This world lost its cheer,
I see the darkness that was always there.
Its appeal doesn’t work no more,
Once I saw the beauty in this world,
The sunsets warmed my heart,
The rain washed away all my sorrow,
The moonlight cleansed my pains.
I take one final look around,
The barren world we call home,
Small and insignificant in an endless spiral,
My view of it comes to an end.
I don’t care if the world burns to the ground,
I don’t care if I’m never remembered by it,
I’m sick of living in this damnation
I’m tired of its continued struggling death throes
I bid farewe
:iconkael-thas-sunstrider:Kael-Thas-Sunstrider 13 15
The Fool
I was nothing but a fool in love,
With a creature of a world
So far beyond that of my own.
A goddess without equal,
In this life or the next,
A beauty who I lost to another.
But what hope did I have?
When this lovely being,
Has her pick of the stars in heaven,
And the beings of a billions worlds,
To call her own.
I will forever call my heart hers,
And watch in painful silence,
As she fades from my sight.
I wish her the best,
I always have, and always will.
She was never mine to keep.
I was a fool to try and hold her at all,
Let alone hold her forever,
Now her heart beats for another,
While mine beats no more.
My world grows dark, and all is cold silence
:iconkael-thas-sunstrider:Kael-Thas-Sunstrider 11 31
My Words
I write these words from the fingers on the paper,
I write these words from the beating of my heart,
And I write them for the thoughts that soar inside.
I don’t care if I never mark the world,
I don’t care if my words are lost to time after I go,
I don’t care if my words never touch another soul.
I won’t care if I never win awards or praise,
Even if my words fade into history with my bones,
I will know I wrote them, And that I read them.
The words I’ve penned are engraved on my heart,
The stories I’ve dreamt are carved into my soul,
And the words I’ve made are burned into my mind.
I’ve spilled my heart for all to see, but only for myself,
Because It makes me proud to see them in the world,
I’m glad to know they made it out of my mind to the paper.
I will write till I can write no more,
I will be lost to my own imagination forever,
Lost to the endless glimpse to my world of magic and mystery.
Should my words be ignored it won’t matter
:iconkael-thas-sunstrider:Kael-Thas-Sunstrider 8 26
Talisman Timescape: 001 by Kael-Thas-Sunstrider Talisman Timescape: 001 :iconkael-thas-sunstrider:Kael-Thas-Sunstrider 1 0
Im Just A Soldier
I’m just a soldier, A man in the dark,
I fight for the light, To shield the world.
We are the nameless, And the many,
The salt of the earth, The dirt under the boot.
They look to us for life, To give us death in return.
We fight against the tide, To Survive where we should not,
Yet time and time again, We will stand together.
One man alone, With his brothers beside him.
I stand for the honour, For my brothers in arms.
The brothers I've lost, I fought for them still,
To give them life, The life we were never meant to have.
The life of the good, The life of the right.
I fight for a world, A world I won’t live to see.
A world for the good, A world for the just,
This is not a world for me, My scars are deep,
They have marked me, Turned me foul and sick.
No matter how long I fight, To see the war won,
Not in this life will it happen, Alone I fight now.
The sand is stained, With the blood of my brothers,
Spilled in the name of life, But bought with death.
I stand for the honour,
:iconkael-thas-sunstrider:Kael-Thas-Sunstrider 6 10
A Pair of Poems.
Infinite imagination, infinite worlds,
Life is full of amazement and wonder,
Of all the things in life we seek these qualities.
Voyages into the unknown seas to find,
Ever more magical and fantastical,
Devices of our imagination.
Beautiful worlds, of crystal seas
Of perfect sunsets, and radiant sky.
These places that appear on the edge of sight,
Have a taste of un-reality to them.
Bane to our dreams are the darkest nightmare,
Ultimately the nightmares over run our thoughts.
Time and time again we explore our hidden minds.
Infinite imagination, infinite worlds.
Dammed heroes and accursed villains,
Orating their diabolical plans for domination.
Never do they think to keep it to themselves,
They think the victory is within their grasp.
Devils from the worlds beneath and beyond,
Evils that have torments the souls of millions,
Searing their minds and burning their bodies.
Everlasting pain that rips through the senses.
Rivers of clear waters at last cleanse the agony,
Vitalising all it touch
:iconkael-thas-sunstrider:Kael-Thas-Sunstrider 5 1
The Void.
This is the Void. Cold. Black. Desolate. Yet for all this nothingness that stretches from the furthest reaches of the universe to whatever lies beyond, there is always life hidden deep within the darkness of infinity. The silence rules in this black pit, until the stars themselves are ripped unto death, as screaming through the cosmos, come several cylindrical shapes. They pass all in their path, as if it was nothing. These capsules carry onwards into the Immaterium, towards destinations unknown, worlds lost in the distant reaches of space; this act was never meant to occur. Contained within the simple surface of these capsules, one tiny being, one fragile life exists, each with the potential for great deeds, both terrible and awe-inspiring.
For they are the Primarchs of Terra.
The lost sons of the Emperor.
And here began the Great Crusade.
:iconkael-thas-sunstrider:Kael-Thas-Sunstrider 5 16
Happy Birthday our Fair Deviant Art,
For this, your great Day is upon us.
A time when you have aged once more,
To your eighth year in this world.
but I am filled with great worry,
this time is full of a darkness,
the number that is two squared,
four plus four, and nine take away one.
a number that cannot be said,
let we invite our own doom.
For this number is his call,
to summon the creature of the deep.
Yet only in his temple,
does he have dominion,
and only their can he be summoned.
But enough words can have power.
For with the words of birthday,
we scream his sigil to the skies
And His eye is turned to us.
Take us Not, Oh Great Bel Sham'Haroth
:iconkael-thas-sunstrider:Kael-Thas-Sunstrider 4 5
Sleep when your dead
I sleep now.
My body still.
My breathing quiet and slow
My time has come my friends. I have no strength left to me now,
But know this oh brothers in arms, and my Maidens of battle,
For even though I leave you now it our time of greatest need,
My axe is forever at my side ready to spread the blood of our enemies.
And I will take it up Once again, and on that day, that Final day,
We will march together across the skies, weapons pointed to the wind,
Burning a fiery wake through the tundra of the far north.
And from the ruins of the old Midgard,
We shall forge the kingdom of glory and beauty anew,
And with it herald in an age of honour and peace.
Though the ground may be littered with the blood of the fallen,
They shall be forever remembered in the songs of the bards,
And their names shall ring out from halls of Valhalla,
Till the sun boils into eternity.
:iconkael-thas-sunstrider:Kael-Thas-Sunstrider 5 0
The Hiss of Life
There is no life here.
There is no sound here.
Save for the hiss of life passing in the room.
A darkness settles in this ancient house.
A tall figure moves silently through that never ceasing silence of life.
The sound made by a billion souls continuing their existence.
He strides with a purpose, and purpose as old as he.
Yet while the sound of the sands pouring into infinity screams aloud,
A careful listener he is and he hears much of that room,
The points where the sands are slowing can be heard,
And if there was ever such as listener, then this is he.
The sands trickle through the hourglasses of the lifetimers,
Ticking away the heartbeats of living creatures,
Gods, men, animals, all reside here, in this hall.
Watched over by its skeletal guard forevermore.
The creature of the night, he is
A man beyond time itself yet limited by it as any other.
He is there at the birth of a new star,
Only to return for its inevitable death,
His is the life of immortality to watch over those of mo
:iconkael-thas-sunstrider:Kael-Thas-Sunstrider 5 3
I Am Here.
I am here.
Alone Nothing More than a memory.
I sit Clothed in night, dark and thick.
The sound of rain trickles through its blanket.
I serve no Purpose.
I live no Duty
I know no Honour
I carry no Dignity
I share no Joy
I Am Pain. I Am Despair, I am Sorrow
I am the Screams of torment in the night
I am the Shadow behind your eyes.
I am the Laughter in the darkest skies.
I know only Darkness
I know only Agony
I know only Selfishness
I know only Hatred
I know only Death
I see the light above my eye, burning my skin.
I see the torments of the dammed
I see the dying petals of my souls demise
I see the last setting and black sun
I feel the darkness Inside me.
I feel its hunger for the innocent
I feel its laughter at my self destruction.
I feel its power dwell within me.
And this I know. My life is meaningless
For I have never served any purpose
And even As I take my own Life,
I see no joys to be known
But I hear its Fury. Echoing through the universe.
:iconkael-thas-sunstrider:Kael-Thas-Sunstrider 8 22

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At first when seeing this I thought it was something which had been created on an art or graphic program, and it struck me as beautiful...


It has been a long time since I posted, much much too long. And maybe even longer since I wrote a journal.

I once reasoned that the fault in writing a journal was that I was no longer a premium member and that I would no longer be able to keep my journals in the same format; and therefore conflict with my OCD. However that can no longer hold with me and I believe it is time I actually bloody well used this damn thing.

How long has it actually been...

Bloody Hell...

Two and a half years, almost three. Yeah inactivity I say um?

That's left me without words, not that I had many to begin with, what with it being really early in the morning or late at night, it blurs, and that I've not written more than a few pages of abstract ideas in a long time.

They're well formed little events and small stories but they would never fit correctly because they're a singular event without context or anything before or after. Just words lost on the pages as they fall from my imagination like leaves in autumn. And like those leaves they're swept together and become muddled and indistinguishable.

There is most likely much for me still to say and time still to say it, but I'll leave that for now. I'll sail a little then perhaps once I've got the star in my sights I can write about it again.
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