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T Rex

Hello there! just a T-rex sketche painted in photoshop =) oh man, i love drawing dinosaurs and stuff XD!!

hope u like it!
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Oh, what an interestingly boxy style! I love this!
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...Reptiles will rise again
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now here is one of my favourite tyrannosaurus artwork! totally amazing! my favourite colour scheme type (green + yellowish-biege) and he looks brutal and strong, which represents the creature's nature! what do you use to draw this kinda stuff?
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Hello thanks!!!, i draw it just with pencil, and no references =)
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but you said you did it in Photoshop, did you just use a mouse or did you use the special equipment for drawing in a computer (dont remeber what its called)?
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just the color is done in photoshop, i painted it with an intuos 4
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okay cool, so you then imported it in Photoshop and just did the actual colouring? it looks cool, are you gonna make more dinos like that?
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Lovely lovely artwork , those colours and movement is perfection
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HAHA I love this. :D I'm not a big dinosaur person but I love a good painting of an angry, spazzing T-Rex. XD
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