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Stegosaurus armatus

Stegosaurus armatus and steglet, from the Jurassic.
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Nice place and nice view. :) They are beautiful.

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well, this is awesome :)
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Incredibly well done.And I love the baby Steg!!
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Hi Kaek! Do you have rates for children's educational publishing? 
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Sure! Contact me at :)
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Awesome Stegosaurus you draw, I think I like it.
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Freaking adorable. And fantastic work! 
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Hermoso animal
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Fantastic piece! Especially love the lighting and coloring!
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This is just so beautiful.  I love the detail you were able to capture on this.  Stegosaurus is on of my favs :D
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Beautiful work! I've always really liked stegosaurs :)
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So stunning!! I love it!
This lighting.. those dino's <3
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Thanks Suzanne!!! rawr 
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Looks so alive!
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stegosaurus are my favourite dinosaurs <3 i like diplodocs too
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