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Mowgli and Baloo

By Kaek
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Mowgli and Baloo the sloth bear (Melursus ursinus), from Kipling's Jungle Book
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This beats Disney's well kept, bowel cut, loincloth wearing Mowgli.

I was always wondering who was responsible for making his bowl cut and who taught him to tie his loincloth.

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Makes sense he'd be nude. Plus, given how the animals react to his 'trick' of using a bowl to scoop up water from up high, no way in heck they'd tolerate the loincloth.
amazing realistic and the style really suits well the story
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Because that little red diaper would NOT stay that goddamned clean and bright after years of frolicking through the jungle.
Stunning. Not sure I would want to to come across these two in the middle of the jungle.
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Me gusto mucho este diseño de personajes, el no vestir nada en verdad le da un matiz mas realista. La composición y técnica estan excelentes.
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No Bear Necessities this time around.
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i dont wanna sound weird....but is mowglis dick brown? or did it just got cutted
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I like this so much since it is how Baloo should have been represented from the beginning on the Disney animated movie and on the upcoming movie, since sloth bears are the real indian bears and not grizzly ones... I wish Disney designers and animators had seen this or at least thought of this before making the new movie. Well, great work my friend!! 😉👏
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Well in the new film, Baloo is a Himalayan Brown Bear which is native to India but only in the mountainous regions.
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He is a sloth bear in the new movie. Even Bagheera says so.
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Yeah, he says that, but looks like a tibetan brown bear not a melurusus ursinus , the real sloth bear
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muy bueno siempre me gusto mucho el libro me hace reir
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A indian bear, amazing!
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Now this is what "The Jungle Book" REALLY was; Mowgli was Feral, Naked, Dirty, tough skinned & took shit from nobody! 8-)
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