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(gift) Pink Hurricane by Ramrtworks

By Kaedegirl
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Asma Jensen (c) Me
Wonderful artwork: :iconramartwork: 
Wonderful friend and gift-giver(c) David <3 

Oweeeeeeeeee :D :D Now this one is very special to me :) my sweet friend David had not been around for a while, but he came back strong with this one gift :D It was so exciting to brainstorm, think and interact altogether for this beautiful illustration. Believe me when I say I have zero time for myself lately and I absolutely hate it. But I am working on it, finding time for my art and the last couple of days felt good :D RamArtwork and I, we go waaay back, in 2014 I think. And he already did a beautiful Asma for me, back then. However, years went by and his style improved a lot! David wanted an action piece, something that would make my girl stand out, showcase her power, with his favorite design (the purple outfit). I wanted her to look beauuutiful, thick and powerful; RamArtwork whipped out ideas and we went for this one. She is a powerhouse, so whenever she fights, there would be some damage, especially if her enemy is resilient or as powerful as she is (or even more powerful). 

This scene is inspired by an action scene I wrote for her book but I can't really show here. Long story short, in this scene, she's fighting against a technologically enhanced foe and a private jet sent to kill her while she was jogging at a park. She both had to protect civilians, neutralized her enemies without killing them and survive since they were exploiting her weaknesses. Half of the park was pretty much destroyed after the battle but she did manage to avoid casualties. Because this is not an illustration for the book, we simply took inspiration from it to show how powerful she can be. I also have to say that I love so many things about this. For example, I love how he rendered her facial markings when she wears that outfit. I love the colors, her figure, that hair!!!! her figure! She looks so strong and so thick. The purple outfit also is one of my favorite designs for her, it's not her current outfit, it's one of her past, but it kicks ass! I can't wait to introduce it in her books, so I can freely write scenes with it when she's a curb stomp queen! :D 

I am so happy! If only you knew how much. Thank you, David for making it possible and picking RamArtwork and thank you, Ram, for doing Asma Justice and giving me back some creative mojo! <3
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what are her powers?  I'm gonna guess either something "energy-based" or a Geokinetic (earth moving) ability.
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Hello there :) 

you guessed half of it. psychic powers. but no telekinesis. she's more of a high ranked telepath. 

Alongside with it, due to her alien constitution (she's not human and she's not even fully native of the planet she's in), she also has: super strength, super durability (regular/human weapons do nothing on her; she's resistant to biohazards and mortal/ local diseases), Olympic level speed. 

Weaknesses, in a nutshell, are elemental powers, super strength (to cite Marvel/DC: I'd say, Hulk, Solomon Grundy are totally above her), high-ranked telepaths and psychic powers and magic. 
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Wow! Lovely image.
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Thanks Ivanna :) how have you been?
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Not so good actually. I haven't been able to work on my art for like a month now. I have a serious tendinitis in my right wrist. It's really hard to go by without being able to do what I love the most.
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I am so sorry to hear that. I also know that it hurts a lot, so please, rest your wrist as much as possible and don't exhaust yourself too much. I'm so sorry. I love you, and I'm very sure that once your tendinitis is healed, you will be able to do what you love the most :heart:
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