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(gift) Hope and Light by MaterArsernic

By Kaedegirl
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ALRIGHT WAAAAAAAAAAH :heart: :heart: oh my god. It took  me a while to collect my thoughts but thank god I could :heart:

Wonderful art: :iconmaterarsenic: (please visit her gallery! it's worth the look! I was mesmerized myself)
Wonderful friend : My dear Logan :heart:
Asma Jensen (c) Me

FIRST OF ALL: THANK YOU SO MUCH ALL OF YOU for this beautiful gift. It comes from such a sweet sweet place :) I know that learning ( a little late) I was sick and seeing me go through that ordeal (by the way, regained  98% of my mouth mobility! Eye is still bothering me but nothing i can't handle! no need for bandages or eyepatch anymore)

Second of all : 

Can we take a moment and appreciate just how glorious this darling is? Her hair is fantastic! Her eyes are glowing, melanin is popping! Look at her gorgeous plump lips and her flawless skin! I am in LOVE with her curves right here :D that's my sweet thick baby, powerful and regal! I appreciate how they respected my design and how good it really looks :D I love this costume a lot, not just for the purple and white tones but because she's barefeet. that's power for me, when someone can kick your ass without wearing shoes :p plus, she has gorgeous feet and nail polish! 

For the new people: 

This outfit is actually one she wore in her past (if we're talking about her own book's past, not the fanfics about Marvel!Asma)  It's an outfit that has a few elements and colours of my own family cultures. -yes plural- and one she wears on very special occasions. I was thinking, when her blue/white costume gets torned up  beyond repairs or when she has a ceremony to attend OR when she will try to get in touch with her roots, she would wear this outfit.

For the curious people, in the Marvel!Universe, it's her elder goddess costume. When she's chilling with Gaea and the likes or when she wants to show she means business and make the ass-kicking legendary :p 
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Thank you very much :)
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I am really happy that you liked it!

First and foremost, I am really sorry for this shameful delay in the answer. I read your post on December but with my job or problems in my personal life, I always forgot to answer as it should.

I wanted you to know that it makes me really happy reading you overcame a so difficult situation like the one you had to face. You are a warrior, I can´t imagine how is facing that situation. I really admire you and wish the best for you, specially I wish all that was a momentary scare and only that.

Anyway, I send a really big hug to you and your friend (that is a really sweet person).

I hope this year offer you a lot of beautiful and intense experiences!

Btw! Asma is so beautiful ♥ I really enjoyed painting her!
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Thank you so much for writing to me :heart:

Please don't. I don't mind delays at all, the sentiment behind your answer is positive and I'll take it any day :) Thank you so much for thinking of me. I confirm the fact I really loved what you did with Asma and I am so happy you had fun drawing you. :heart:

I hope that you are fine and that your problems got solved. I am sending you tons of healing and comforting vibes. :heart: Yes it really was difficult but I'm doing so much better these days. Been recovering nicely and we're just making sure I don't have aftermath since I had a brain damage. I haven't had so far so I'm positive I don't have and won't have any. crossing fingers.

She is, I love her so much. no wonder she's my BFF. she's been instrumental in with my sisters to my speedy recovery. As well as all my other friends. I am just very grateful I have people who care for me. :heart: 

It means a lot. I can't say thank you enough :heart:
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Love the design. :)
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Thank you very much :) :heart: that's all mine ^^ 
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Fucking beautiful!
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Thank you my dear!
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