The song

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"The song."

I thought I knew the old song, the one where someone would try and catch my attention. They would always come with the sweetest words, the compliments, the sugar to catch the flies and the lies... of course, the lies. I thought I knew that song, when love turned sour, when the attraction was short-lived and when there was no happy ending. I knew the tune, I played it blindly. I essentially was running back into my old wound, seeking familiarity. Love songs hurt me, listening to any of them brought tears to my eyes and I could see the miserable past of mine play in the background of my head. Love songs were tragedies.

I thought I knew the old song, but then I met you. You didn't come with lies and sugar. You didn't come with the sweetest words. I liked that about you. How blunt and honest you could be, how vulnerable at times you were with me, how much you spoke your mind, even when we didn't agree. There was no lie with you, only the truth. There was no tune with you, I lost my footing, I didn't know what was to come next, not with you... never with you. You took me to places I didn't know, you made me blush and laugh and I felt warm in my chest, warmer than ever. You made me worry about you, you made me speak to you. I was naked, as transparent and honest as I could be and you didn't take advantage of it. you never took advantage of me. Who are you? what do I do with you?

I thought I knew the old song but then you made me realize I didn't. You wanted me, the whole me, with the good and the bad and the ugly. you wanted to take care of me, not because you thought I was a damsel in distress but because you wanted to. I've never had that before. someone who genuinely wanted me to smile, and laugh and feel safe. I've never had that before. someone who was patient with me and wanted to walk the walk with me. Who are you, handsome? who are you if not someone who feels right with me? I thought I knew the old song but I was so damn wrong. So damn wrong..
I was feeling romantic last week so I crafted a little something :)  

It's inspired by a friend actually but I feel it's slowly becoming my reality as well... who knows? 
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Oh, this feels warmly similar to my current relationship :heart: However, it's my first one, so I can't say 
I'm exactly experienced. But I am glad that my first one had been so great so far. I hope it goes well for you too :)
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I hope so my dear. and regardless of how things go, as long as you are safe and you feel loved, I am happy. 

It's taking its sweet pace but I have been treated well so far too :) thank you for your kind words :heart:
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Thank you so much... I wish you the best as well :huggle:
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you are most welcome :) :heart: