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The Divine (Happy 10 years) by Sara Biddle

By Kaedegirl
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Title : The Divine (Happy 10 years)

Year : 2019

Wonderful artist and friend: Sara Biddle

first of all: Happy 10 years Asma! it took me some time to get you there, but I hope the next 10 years would see you even better. I promise I won't give up on you. I promise I'll keep working on your story and even if it's not perfect, I'll finish it. Thank you for being a beacon of hope for me and for saving my life when all seemed bleak and hopeless... thank you for the people you made me meet, fall in love with and who became my friends today. I owe you to tell your story. <3 and I will!


Sara and I, we go waaaaay back. We befriended each other quite fast almost a decade ago, and we kept in touch after all these years. All that is missing is that we actually meet :) but you know the drill, different countries, different timezones, different timetable... so it's just a strong wish I hope to fulfill someday.

Asma Jensen celebrated her 10 years this year, and we wanted to mark the day with something gorgeous. So this happened.:D She chose the outfit, she picked her favorite non-superheroic design of mine and I gave her free reign with the mood. Asma, despite the hardship and the mental illness she's battling, is also very warm, very determined and ready to sacrifice everything for the greater good. She's a force of nature, the living embodiment of Hope and Sara wanted to make the viewer (and myself), feel that strength and confidence coming from her. She's gorgeous, odd, different and good. My baby, my creation truly helped me in the roughest days of my life and the support she (and I) gathered on days I felt like giving up on everything helped me survive. It's difficult to encapsulate all Asma means to me in just one sentence, but she is a beacon of hope. She inspires me and to my surprise, some people as well and I am humbled and proud of her.

Sara is too and it became our thing, to see her improvement through the portraits she does of Asma, to express our love and care for one another and to just be in the moment together. I adore Sara and I really love this portrait. From the curls to the curve of her lips, to the skin tone and the eyes. I can't even begin to describe how it makes me feel if not just say I'm proud. Because I sure am. And those 10 years might not have been as productive as I wished they were, but the book is ongoing and not just wishful thinking so for me it's progress. I'm not giving up on Asma. Never will
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Lovely artwork! Please share with my group!!!
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thanks a lot :) well, Sara Biddle did a wonderful work here :) 
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Ahhh I knew I'd seen this artwork someplace else..! Thank you
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Wow. This is so incredibly well done. I love her realistic style.
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Thank you so much :) me too, there is something about the way she paints the skin and the lips I love.