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I was an egg once, in pristine condition, untainted by the world around me.

As I was growing, my heart was filled with Hope, Love, and Trust.

I believed people would take care of me, as I hatched into this new world.

I believed in their kindness and their willingness to protect the weak and vulnerable souls.

But I was wrong.

I was an egg once, and as my egg hatched, I soared into this world feeling beautiful.

Here I was, new, shiny, with a beautiful set of heavily feathered wings.

Here I was, eager to grow in power, self-confidence, and love.

I used to love me. so much so that I felt I could survive anything, But I was mistaken. There was no wonderland in the world I was born into. It was a nightmare

They tore me into pieces, destroyed my very soul, ruined the love I had for myself.

I was an egg once, in pristine condition, but I was tainted by the world around me.

I lost all Hope I had on mankind, I lost the dreams I had about this new world.

I lost the love I had for myself and replaced it with self-hatred, doubt, venom.

I wasn't enough, I would never be enough. I could never fit in, would never be wanted.

They made me drift away and lose myself in the never-ending questioning.

They made me cry and made me curse at them for doing so.

They made me wish, I was never born into this cruel world, with such a bright soul.

I was an egg once, in pristine condition but none of this makes sense to me anymore.

It was what it was, I was born a certain way, but the ways of this world had changed me forever.

That's what it does. It changes you.

That's what it did, it changed me.

This is part of the latest compilation of poems I have been writing since the beginning of the year. I think this one would be the shortest with only 10 poems in. 

I really like this one, I was extremely frustrated when I wrote this piece but it helped me feel much better. Hope you'll dig :) 
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