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Pride X Elpis by Ithilnaur

By Kaedegirl
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Pride (c) my friend Nate.
Elpis (c) Me
Amazing art (c) :iconithilnaur:

I hesitated to post this one because this is a very personal piece. It was a gift for a friend of mine who means the world to me and who is very very very very close to me. I was unable to do anything (again, paralysis and all of that) so I tasked my dear friend Ithilnaur to do it for me. We've been knowing each other for a decade now and we've always been writing partners. He gives so much (not only as a person, a friend, a husband and a father but also in his job,which I can't praise enough. Thank you people who work with troubled youth. <3 thank you for saving people lives and helping them turn around) and last year marked our ten years anniversary (of friendship) and we kicked it off with unique presents. 

This one represent our friendship and the main characters of a story we used to write involving the seven sins and my very own primeval gods. (Gaea, the gods of war, love, knowledge, the oceans, Hope/Despair and  the messenger of gods) His character is the personification of Pride and trust me, he's absolutely not as sweet as shown here. quite the opposite actually lol  Their relationship is very complicated but one I love still to this day. He was Pride (the sin) and long story short (he was created by Hades to overthrow Zeus, he overthrew Hades, his siblings turned on him save for Lust. He met Elpis, primeval goddess of Hope/despair, a while ago and they formed a strong bond, something unusual for both of them. The Primeval Gods realized she was in love with a lethal threat to them and tried to have her break up with him but stubborn and in love she refused. It led Ishtar, the primeval god of War and Ayasha the goddess of knowledge to conspire against Elpis and curse her into a never-ending reincarnation cycle. A side effect of that curse was that nobody would remember her, not even Pride who would go on as if he had never met her. Turns out, millennia later, she succeeded in scratching her seal, bringing the memory of her back into minds and prompting Pride (who was a different man because of the curse) to look after her current human vessel out of spite. hilarity ensues and by hilarity I mean disasters and catastrophes. :heart:

I adore what Ithilnaur did, she reflected the connection to these characters so well. I am glad of the color palette she used, the beautiful pose they were in. the details on the accessories (the crowns? the gowns?) and the beautiful faces of these darlings. I am in awe of the coloring and the lighting and again, the beauty of said characters! I just can't get enough of it. Of course, my dear friend adored it too, which was the main goal. 
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Hun, your words are beautiful and I'm so glad to have worked on this piece! If it made both of you happy, it's a double goal Heart 
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Aaawww sweetheart, I am the one who is thankful that you agreed to. :heart: we are happy. :heart: