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One million dollars smile by Mckadesinsanity

By Kaedegirl
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Ehehehehehehehe h:D I don't think I would ever have the best words to describe how I felt when I saw this precious beauty :D but let me try as much as I can okay?

First of all: 

Asma Jensen (c) Yours truly :D :heart: :hug:
Wonderful, beautiful and sexy art (c) :iconmckadesinsanity: would you be a peach and visit her gallery and marvel at her work, please? First of all darling dear, I say it again, I love you :D :heart: and thank you so so so much for making my beautiful babe even more beautiful :D She is so gorgeous, it's definitely one of my favorites! I cannot thank you enough for this  :heart:

This one took ages (years really) for me to make happen but it did happen and I am glad I made those efforts. I wanted a birthday present and was thinking, maybe when I'm 30 and I don't struggle as much as I am right now. but I got lucky!!! and now look at that :D 

Let me break it down for ya, right? :D 

I love her hair! if anything, I just really really want to see her walk around and flaunt her gorgeous afro hair while she's dancing! I love Asma with all of her hairstyles,  "straight" (wavy really), braided, Afro long and short)  but seeing her in an Afro always makes me even happier because it's very close to my own natural hair type! I love it :D Her lips are gorgeous and plump and sexy as well and kissable. her eyes are determined and playful, soft and kind (which works very well with her personality). I love the hints of the red dress. (it has a huge back cleavage that's why I love it so much) 

Asma is absolutely gorgeous and I feel mesmerized. She' really looks amazing and just a few moments before she would go and dance her soul off on the dance floor. 

This makes me think of an old short story I wrote a while ago (in 2015) back when Asma and Steve "Cap' Rogers were still a thing in Marvel!Asma background:

Sleep tight Devious :) time for me to go :heart:


A/N: indulging a lot myself. Steve and Asma at this point had become relaxing when they're in good terms. I wanted them to be soft and sweet so you have soft and sweet and yet another glimpse at their life together. (please note that the whole divorce event never took place). All usual disclaimers.



Lazy afternoon at the Rogers household :

Still unable to go on missions due to her vulnerability to the weather, Asma was forced to remain a civilian for an unknown period of time. She decided to fill her days and do things she wouldn't do otherwise. She walked outside, wearing warm and comfy clothes while she went on a mission. What was a mission? Observe humanity. She wanted to see the people she was protecting as an x-man. She wanted to walk among them and see for herself how much the efforts of her team were rewarded with more acceptance from mankind. There were days when she would come back defeated because the people she met were atrocious human beings. She didn't experience the anti-mutant violence straight away because nobody thought she was one, but she heard hate speeches, sometimes calls for blood and violence which made her upset to say the very least. Sometimes she did experience first hand the racism, sexism, and ableism (she pretended to be blind) that many suffered from in this country which enraged her even more. In days like these, Asma simply wanted to ignore humanity and if Steve was around, he would convince her otherwise. There were days that were the complete opposite of what she experienced and people open hearts and minds gave her hope and the will to continue to fight for Xavier's dream. It was possible, humanity still could push forward and do good things.

It was a day like these she had. When walking among humans reminded her why she was fighting the good fight and why she was making sure to save everyone and not just mutants from outside threats. She embraced her rôle as one of Earth's champions and one of Gaea's offspring. But more importantly, she was happy. She came back from her long walk out with fresh flowers and a disc record she would use on an old turntable for Steve and her to enjoy. It was an authentic 40's music disc so she knew Steve would appreciate the little touch. Once at home, she put the flowers in a vase and untied her hair. She kicked her shoes off of her feet and quietly went to cook his favorite meal for two. It didn't matter if Steve wasn't home tonight, she would split the meal in half and eat one that night and save the other half for lunch. Steve was on a mission with the Avengers and she never really knew when he would be back or if he would at all but it didn't matter. Dancing was a beautiful way she had to cope with stress and relieve herself from the pressure on her shoulders. Besides, she still received calls from the x-mansion from teammates and family members who wanted to know how she was dealing with not being on the field. The day went fast and the meal was ready. Just after she took her shower, Steve returned home. He always made sure he brought his wife flowers whenever he was off-duty. He knew that whether or not she was there when he returned, the moment she would set a foot in their flat, she would see the flowers. He got used to being home while she wasn't and vice-verça so it didn't bother him too much if she was absent that night.

Much to his surprise, she was present. His keen senses already picked the pleasant noise coming from their flat as he walked towards the door. It was music, and not just any music, it was one of his era. A beam crossed his face as he opened the door, only to find the flat tidy, clean and to smell his favorite food cooking. Mashed potatoes and beef steak. How could he not feel happy and content? He didn't announce himself, thinking it might surprise her more if he didn't and put his bag on the side of the door after he closed it behind him. The supersoldier then walked towards the kitchen only to find it empty with a vase filled with fresh flowers. It made him chuckle and he filled another vase with the flowers he brought from outside. It was a cold day , colder than usual so Steve was pretty sure she wasn't outside. He felt warm arms wrap around his waist and a little head lean against his shoulder blades and relaxed as he knew it was his wife.

« I didn't expect you to come home this early. » She replied with a grin. « Thank you. »

« I shall be the one thanking you here Asma. It smells divine. The music is authentic 40's music. I feel like I'm back in the 40's. » He said with a mischevious grin on his lips. Asma grinned and gently walked around so she could face her husband.

« I think it lacks something don't you think? »

She said as her bumblebee eyes stared into her husband's blue ones. He looked at her, at her freshly wet hair and her nice blue nightgown she was wearing. Steve stroked her soft cheek and leaned his forehead against hers. It made her smile and she gently kissed his warm palm as her arms wrapped around his waist. Steve kept stroking her cheek and gently kissed her forehead. In moments like these, he only focused on her eyes that were glowing so softly whenever she looked at him. He loved her smile as well and that little shiver she always had when he stared at her. Asma wasn't used to being the center of attention, let alone have someone who so genuinely loved her. There was this sparkle in his eyes that never failed to surprise her. It was warm and comforting and she found herself even more surprised to notice how easily she could read the love in his gaze.

« What could that be? »

He playfully asked as he walked her further into the kitchen, mimicking a few steps so she could know he wanted to dance. Dancing was their way of communicating. Usually, they danced to calm her when she was stressed or going through a meltdown. Dancing was a non-verbal way for them to have that dialogue they couldn't have otherwise. She would slowly trust him to guide her and he would make sure the dance went seamlessly. When it wasn't in order to calm Asma, it was a way for him to teach her how to dance classics and for her to teach him how to dance current music songs. It was still a way for each other to trust one another but also learn from the other and ultimately just found that comfort in each other.

« I think you got the right idea. »

She answered with a chuckle as her hands found their way on his right shoulder and his left hand. He put his free hand on her waist and slowly they began to dance to the music. He loved the attention to details, the fact she wanted him to feel at home while keeping everything around them modern. He didn't need to go back in time anymore because of the present, this life with his wife was his time period. Steve didn't feel displaced in time because he found his anchor in this life. The Avengers gave Captain America a purpose and a reason to wake up every morning and do what he did best but Asma gave Steve a home. As he made her turn on her heels before he pulled her against his large torso and slowed down his dance, Steve kissed the top of her hair and wrapped his powerful arms around her shoulders. His lips kissed her forehead for a longer period and he lost his fingers into the base of her cranium which made her shiver and press her body against him a little more. There was a soft silence filling the air once the song stopped and she felt her heart pound harder into her ribcage while her hands roamed over his strong back in soft caresses. Steve's hands rubbed her shoulders and his lips rested on her forehead. He wanted to speak but words were lacking. Fortunately for them, the second song started to play, giving the pair a bit of a break.

It was moments like these that made the blonde soldier happy. Asma was soft with him, loving and caring and she seemed to be happy which was the most important for Captain America. He knew she wasn't always sure about their relationship and her ability to make him happy and provide him the love and support she thought he deserved. Fortunately, Steve knew when her mind was filled with thoughts and tonight wasn't that night. Tonight, her mind was clear, her smile was genuine and her hands on him were strong and confident. He lifted his hands and cupped her cheeks. Asma shifty looked from left to right before she set her gaze on him. Her plump lips were curled into a grin and she lifted a brow.

« Do you know how much I love you, Mr. Rogers? » He shook his head. « Good, because I love you more than you will ever love me. » She said nuzzling his nose gently.

« I think /I/ am the one loving you more than you will ever love me. You have no idea of how much I love you Ms. Rogers. » He said with a grin. He smiled at her as she put her hands over his.

« Maybe there is one way to find out. » She said in a teasing tone.

As he lifted his brows, she tips toed and gently pressed her lips against his. A soft chuckle escaped from his lips as he held her head tighter and kissed her back with his eyes half-closed. Asma didn't need to read his psychic print to feel the love in his kiss. She simply was grateful to be able to experience it. After all they've been through, it felt right to be with him. It only felt right to be with someone who made her heart soar the way he did. Steve felt the same and after a series of kisses, he lifted her body from the floor and twirled her around before he let her stand on the floor. She pointed at the dishes and together they started to make the table and get themselves ready to eat their meal while the second song was still playing.

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Thank you so much, dear :heart: I am glad to know that you adore her! Painting her for you was my pleasure :rose:
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You are more than welcome sweetie :heart: :heart: of course I adore her!  she is stunning! she is so stunning! :D thank you so much for everything :heart: :hug:
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Wow! Definitely the best I've seen. I love it!
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thank you so much :D it's a thing of beauty I have to say :D I am falling in love with that character ahaah XD I just hope that the book, when it's over would please as many people as it pleased me to write it :D