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(Gift) Moonlight Wilderness from Logan by Fooray

By Kaedegirl
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WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys have no idea, no freaking idea of how happy this one makes me! First of all it comes from one of my dearest best friends and it also comes from :iconfooray: who is also one of my dearest friends. I am on Cloud 9 okay?! okay?! (of course, please do take a look at his gallery :D it's full of awesomesauce! 

Asma Jensen (c) : Yours truly :heart:
Kuro (c) :iconfooray: (it's his world, this design is hers. comes from "what if" situation (what if Asma was in his world, how would she look like?)

His words "Also Happy Birthday to Kaedegirl !! Thanks for your support and continued encouragement, not only of myself but many other artists that I'm sure appreciate it just as much! Hope you're enjoying your day and that hopefully this makes it just a little bit more special. "

My best friend's words: "Happy Birthday sweetheart. I decided to make this one a very special one. It's been 8 years since we've been knowing each other! almost 10! I regret none of these, the good, the bad and the ugly and I am very grateful for the love, care and support you always gave me. I also am very happy because I got to discover artists I would not have if it wasn't for you and I like being able to create with them. This year, I wanted to "make a rainbow" in the rain and order something for both you and Foo. I have a lot of fun working with him, I think you've infected me with your enthusiasm here and his charming personality did the rest ehehe! I love the way he understands and represents Asma so it was a nice nod to him and a nice nod to you! Eheheh enjoy some Kuro/Asma Action but don't die on me out of fangirlism okay? I love you! Happy birthday and to many more years with you! With love, Logan"

and now MY words:

Okay, first of all:

1) You guys made me cry! I mean, I am sobbing because it's so beautiful and I love that you thought of me both and you plotted to make something like this for me. I don't have the right words to convey just how happy and humbled and moved I am that you guys worked together to yet again, offer me something absolutely fantastic! I have no words. Thank you isn't enough. It's not enough. 

2) I knew Logan would say something like that! but it's TOO LATE! I am fangirling okay???? OKAY? Because she knows how much I love Kuro. (he's just so damn sexy and so damn stylish and so damn strong) and seeing them together? side by side? looking badass and ready to kick ass?? that was the best possible gift I could ever HAVE! I mean, it's almost an Elseworlds story for my character and yours and seeing them together makes me imagine things hahahah oh my god..... unf... they look so good side by side. I cannot! 

3) I LOVE that you got the chance to draw your character :D (Big Grin) I always told you that I think you didn't draw enough of him and here you are, drawing him in colour and all of that :D (Big Grin) he's looking glorious, LOOK AT THAT TERRIFIC SMIRK? I mean.. you have given me so much PLEASURE with just this picture, you don't even know! I love his design and I think it suits him very well and he's looking so... ugh.. so so pleased to see her use her powers!!! I'll break down your work in a few. but I wanted to say that you will always have my support, ALWAYS and you will always have my comments in your work :) (Smile) you can't even escape it if you wanted to :p (Lick) I won't let you.  mwahahaha, my dear, this is a beautiful gift and I sincerely do not know how to react to it except maybe screaming because it's just SO GOOD!

4) You will make me blush. sincerely.. what you said about me, what Logan wrote about me... I don't know what to say except that you make me behave this way with you. so it takes one to meet one. You both have been wonderful to me, especially in very dark times and I cannot say just how much I feel grateful for your continuous support :) (Smile) this day was the best of 2017 so far and I have to thank you as well for making it happen

5) Now, I'll try to break it down without being too emotional: BUT

-Them! I love their body language! They do look as if they have just fought for the first time and are seeing each other in action (especially him). I fancy the idea that she had seen him fight before and is just showing off for the first time to him (like you said). I like how he's almost leaning onto her which shows how comfortable he is around her. I like how he looks excited to see what she could do and I love that she's 100% into the fight. She looks like a mean ass-kicking machine ready to fire up and a lot more bothered by their enemies than he is. (maybe he's used to fighting them) My fangirl heart is breaking right now, because it's too awesome!

-HIM: He is HANDSOME! I mean, seriously, SO HANDSOME! I cannot even tell what I love the most, but his face is on top of everything else! his piercing, his costume and his hair! he is just so sexy.. pfft it's ridiculous how sexy he is! you are SPOILING ME! 

-HER: She is so beautiful! Beautiful and sexy too! I knew the outfit you designed would look cool in colours and it really does. I love her hair, her eyes, her teeth and how angry she looks like. I love how you kept her sexy and powerful looking. I absolutely ADORE the way you make her concussive/offensive blast look so awesome! I MEAN look at that hand! :D (Big Grin) 

I love the moonlight and the background as well :D (Big Grin) it really almost feels like a still from the cartoon these two could star in! I swear, if we ever crossover and have a cartoon, it would look this neat and nice :D (Big Grin) 

My heart cannot contain my joy. I feel so blessed right now! thank you my dear friend Heart Thank you both! 
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Love that so freaking much Heart La la la la 
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I KNOW RIGHT? ME TOO! I mean.. seriously!!!