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Asma Is A Goddess By Ivannamatilla

By Kaedegirl
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Beautiful Lineart: :iconclover-teapot:…
Colours: the amazing and wonderful friend :iconivannamatilla: 
Asma Jensen (c): Yours truly

I love Ivanna :) my dear, wonderful friend is very skilled at colouring and painting so of course, I had to scratch that itch to see one of my favourite piece in colours :D 

Just like I said to Ivanna, this reminds me of those sculpture you can find in sacred temples. Back in the days, they were painted (but the paint faded away with centuries) and the worshippers could come and be mesmerized by those sculptures and carvings when they entered the temple. I imagined how it would have been for Asma, should she have a temple. (which she actually will in her book...except, this would not be very welcomed lol). How impressive would that be to walk into a place and find a stunning representation of you, in all your glory! 

I've already commented on the symbolism you can see in the picture :) all those elements that represent Asma's godhood! (waterlilies, doves the halos...)  so I won't repeat it here. the colours are magnificent, you can feel the warmth and sensuality from the picture and I love the background colour she picked! it's perfect! it's so perfect :heart: :heart: 
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A wonderful piece. Love the elements.

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thank you very much :) they all embody Asma :) thank you my dear :heart:

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you do absolutely, beautiful work, my dear Clap Heart =P (Razz) 
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Thank you very much. 

These is the beautiful work of dear friends :) 
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Huggle! they are dear friends of yours, to have created this...take careHeart 
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Love the symbolism and although it might not be intended or anything, I think it's a nice blend between roman/greek and buddhist/hindu imagery.
Very nice mix.
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Thank you very much :) there is also a few of my own African heritage too :) 
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Very nice! 😊
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thank you again :heart:
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thank you so much :) she's really great at colouring :heart:
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