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Hello everyone!

Just off the bat I will state that this is a gift for my very best friend for her 20th Birthday!
I hope her well this coming year!

Art @ Me
Character @ Glacier Melloch

I am open for commissions <3
My base price for a Full Art as seen above start at 35$
But can got high as 80$ depending on the detail of the background and Character.
Multiple character will just add to that price however.
So keep that in mind. These take days to complete.
(This one took a whole week)


If you fancy supporting me and my future endeavors, such as creating a studio, and delving further into animated works. Which hopefully develop into small films / cute gifs.
Or you want to support my Webcomic Broken Earth
You can!

Head on over to my patreon, if you have suggestions for more stuff to see on patreon be my guest, I am new to all of this. ^-^
As a side note, the image you are seeing is the Low resolution version; I will be posting the Full resolution image on Patreon to my 3rd tier supporters.
The default resolution is 3510x2550 @ 300 PPI wrapping up to 32MB file size.

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